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This Place is about what interests me, and what I think about it.Β  I believe that I have conservative views about most things, but I’m open to CIVIL discussion about any topic.

I do not allow comments that insult others or that contain filthy language.

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  1. treepersrock says:

    Hi Stella, I was formerly “art tart” but my Word Press Account got screwed up so I started over. I don’t read much on Politics until the end, but I would read the contributions here as they would not be so over whelming.

    I am so glad to see yoou have a blog, will be back later to read your contributions, I always enjoyed your poetry topics as well as all your contributions. You are well versed, you bring a lot to a conversation. I hope you are well.

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  2. stella says:

    Welcome! Sorry it took so long to approve your first comment, but I was off doing stuff (making soup).

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  3. ZurichMike says:

    Hi, Stella! Only now just figured out you had your own site. Hope all is well.
    — ZurichMike

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  4. nyetneetot says:

    Where am I? Is this a blog? What type of post is this?

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  5. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Hey stella – I heard folks talk about your place over on CTH, and thought I’d drop in and say hi!

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  6. olhardhead says:

    hello stella, thanks for speaking out and watchin’ mah back at the Treehouse “Rush Limbaugh goes full nutter” post today. I read the Treehouse on most days and I’ve gotta tell ya that in the last few months with Donald Trump the comments have turned really really nasty and quite frankly disturbing. It seems that the majority of people there are in full blown Jim Jones kool aid mode. It’s fine to be a passionate supporter of a candidate but…..I really think that some of these people are mentally disturbed…aahhh…any thanks again and you’ve got a really nice site here I’ll be lurking…
    Steve Barnhill

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  7. olhardhead says:

    hello….thanks for watchin’ my back at the tree house today

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  8. Hi, Stella, I see our network is expanding. I found your place here over at CTH and I’m happy to have done so. I agree with Steve Barnhill, olhardhead, about some of the posters there. I’ve heard the moderators are working overtime to keep trolls and other undesirables off, but it’s hard in these exciting times. Guess I’ll just hope over here when I need some quiet time.
    Also, it is nice to be able to “like” a post! No longer possible for many of us less-than-tech-savvy folks over at the Treehouse!

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  9. I have input on Ted Cruz’s citizenship status. My brother was born in England, the United Kingdom. My father was an American citizen serving in the military in the U. K. and my mother was a British citizen. My brother went to the American consulate to register the birth, and completed form DS-1350 which registered an American being born abroad. At that time, the representative in the Consulate told my father that my brother could run for Governor, or Congress, but he would never be eligible to run for President. Article 2 Section 2 states that in order to be President, you have to be native born or a citizen at the time of the ratification of the Constitution. I do not think that Cruz was alive in 1788. There is the question as to whether he was properly registered at the time of his birth, and also the intent of his mother. His mother was listed as a Canadian citizen in the voting rolls for the 1972 Canadian election. If she was a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth in 1970, or if she had applied for Canadian citizenship before his birth, I would think that his American citizenship is questionable. I do not think that Ted Cruz is eligible to run for President if my brother is ineligible to run for President.

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  10. Did you ever notice the resemblance between Ted Cruz and Grandpa Munster? As Cruz ages, he will look more and more like Al Lewis, who portrayed Grandpa Munster.

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  11. John says:

    Dear Stella:

    Ahhh, I just saw this at the WaPo. I think it is huge – considering the underlying story is a defining moment for our generation. The FBIies found Bryan Pagliano (sarc). Muffeleta storm starts soon.




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  12. John says:

    Miss Stella:

    I will try. I thought this was the open discussion thread.



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  13. Margaret-Ann says:

    Hi Stella!
    Would you please consider putting my brand new blog site on your Blog Roll? I have Stella’s Place listed where ppl can find me. Thank you πŸ™‚


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  14. czarowniczy says:

    It’s gonna be a squeaker as to what fails first, my monitoring the site for the Thursday thread or my battery.

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  15. camulla says:

    Hi, Stella, none of the comments I make at the other website are posting. I realize that I could have sounded rude, have read the guidelines and agree to follow them, and would appreciate permission to post again.


    • stella says:

      I checked. You are not on any moderation list, but the blacklist filter is automatically flagging your comments for the trash.

      In other words, nobody put you on a list, and I don’t know why your comments are being flagged. I can manually release some of them, and that may help.


    • stella says:

      By the way, leaving comments here isn’t the fastest way to be heard. Since I am the only one who checks comments, it could be hours before I respond. You got lucky this time. The correct thing to do is send an email to TheLastRefuge@reagan.com if you have a concern. My blog is not officially connected to CTH.


  16. Hi Stella. Amazing website you have here!


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