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Florida Ag Commissioner, Enemy Of DeSantis, Suspends Conceal Carry Permits Of 22 Citizens

Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is running against Ron DeSantis for Governor in 2022, stripped 22 citizens of their concealed carry permits. I just suspended the concealed weapons permits of 22 people involved in the insurrection against the United … Continue reading

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Live: January 6th committee holds first hearing

I don’t imagine that much light will be shined on the facts.

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Tweet of the day – “Insurrection” edition

How soon they “forget”. Keep this in mind while the January 6 commission is constantly in the news in the coming days. Summer of 2020: POTUS & family are rushed to the White House Bunker as insurrectionists scaled fencing trying … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter picks

Here we go again! The initiative will focus on white supremacists, "anti-government" organizations, and those propagating and profiting from antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Asian hate. — 🚨 (@disclosetv) July 26, 2021

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Anti vaccine passport demonstrations in Europe . . .

I don’t know if you have heard about this, but if you are heading to Italy or France this summer you will have to show a vaccine passport to enter tourist attractions and bars. These same restrictions apply to residents … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick – Covid edition

It is a sad day today. Biden corruption has infiltrated every corner of our government. The “Justice” Department injustice is obvious here. A terrible day for thousands of families. In a letter to @SteveScalise, @TheJusticeDept wrote that they were dropping … Continue reading

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Viva Frei: I’m Running for Parliament!

David can no longer remain apolitical. He’s had it.

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McCarthy calls Pelosi’s high-handed decision (and wins the hand)

The title of this article says that McCarthy “takes toys and leaves sandbox”. I think that statement is misleading, and McCarthy did the right thing (the author agrees, by the way.) From AMERICAN GREATNESS: Squeaker of the House (typo and … Continue reading

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Have you heard of “The Great Reset”?

It explains a lot about why our world seems to be going mad. Here is what the people who came up with “The Great Reset” have to say about it. This is a masterful bit of gaslighting, if you ask … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick . . . Vote fraud edition

Seems that Democrats didn’t trust voting machines – before 2020, that is. Even Kamala! Based on what they said here, they certainly knew how to steal an election. Here are Democrats in 2018 saying everything Mike Lindell says about voting … Continue reading

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