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Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship

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Bill Whittle – Lashed to the Mast

Bill has been on a roll lately, and he has been thinking about some of the things we might do to turn the Titanic around. What do you think about his suggestions here? Lots of people have been suggesting that … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Little People

This is really good, old-time, Bill Whittle. It is SO MUCH worth your time to listen to what he is saying here, and I think you will feel better after you do. At least, it made me feel proud to … Continue reading

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Battleground Voter Survey – Impeachment is a bad idea

According to a new battleground survey from McLaughlin and Associates, 76% of Republicans in battleground states are less likely to vote for a Republican who supports the impeachment of President Trump. The survey examined 800 battleground voters in key states … Continue reading

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Project Veritas: PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence In Radical Left-Wing Agenda

Our tax dollars should not be supporting PBS.

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Amazon is booting Parler off their web hosting service

They have until tomorrow, at midnight PST. If they don’t find another host, Parler will go dark, and probably for a week or more. They can’t move to a new host as quickly as would be needed to avoid interruption … Continue reading

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1975 – Ronald Reagan interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes

Boy oh boy. 45 years ago, and as true today as it was then (even more so.) Less than a minute, but packed with truth.

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Timcast IRL: This Is ACTIVE Big Tech Censorship

This is something we oldies don’t usually listen to, and they discuss technology most of us aren’t familiar with. You might learn something; I did.

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Tweets of the day …

He’s hitting them out of the park this week. 1) @RealRLimbaugh is today saying what I said yesterday with a different slant: he is noting that Botoxic, the Swamp, even GOP elites are in stark fear. In his view it's … Continue reading

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Tweets of the day …

Shameful. A handful of Silicon Valley oligarchs decide who can and cannot be heard, including the President of the United States. They exert this power unilaterally, with no standards, accountability or appeal. Politics now is begging them to silence adversaries … Continue reading

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