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Sarah Sanders delivers Republican rebuttal to Biden’s SOTU address

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Hot air & the balloon

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Tucker: Are the Biden kids like Sadaam’s kids?

Some kids of Supreme Leaders get special treatment. Some don’t. In this case, it’s princelings vs peasants. Is Hunter Biden’s laptop real – or not? They can’t seem to make up their minds.

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Inseparable – joined at the hip

Branco’s best this week so far.

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Tucker: There is nothing more sinister than this

There is nothing more sinister than a flatterer. That is Lindsey Graham’s game. Tucker calls out Lindsey Graham’s actions and weighs in on the Russia-Ukraine war on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ In case you were wondering, Tucker points out that both … Continue reading

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Schiffty Business

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Kevin McCarthy answers reporter who questioned his removal of Swalwell and Schiff from Intel

I’m proud of McCarthy for pushing back on this. He’s doing better than I expected. What do you think? When a reporter questioned his decision, this was McCarthy’s reply: You just raised a question, I’m going to be very clear … Continue reading

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Tucker: Abysmal failure is always rewarded

Guy taking over as White House Chief of Staff is the failed Covid czar, and failed Obamacar czar, Jeff Zients.

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Tucker: This is a middle finger in your face

Why are some Republicans in favor of continuing funds to Ukraine? And why are some who questioned sending more funds without audit now reversing their position? Do you think it has to do with pressure from donors in the military … Continue reading

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