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Video of the day – political category

Last political ad by Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. Maybe it helped! Do you think something similar might work here?

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Jerry Nadler’s Kangaroo Court …

You have undoubtedly seen news coverage of this unbelievable behavior by Nadler etal yesterday, but this analysis by Viva Frei is interesting.

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Rolling Stone: ‘Corroboration Zero’: An Inspector General’s Report Reveals the Steele Dossier Was Always a Joke

In case you missed it, this is an article to read and put in your back pocket when leftists try to tell you and others that the FBI investigation was justified. Matt Taibbi is no friend of Donald Trump, but … Continue reading

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Tweet of the day …

Why do we need the Electoral College? Because today: 3 Democrats from New York City & 3 Democrats from California Stood on a stage and announced they were going to overturn the votes of 63 million Americans All in an … Continue reading

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Live: DOJ Inspector General testifies on FISA abuse, Russia probe

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President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Hershey, PA 12/10/19

RSBN pre-rally and rally coverage. President Donald Trump holds a Keep America Great Rally at the Giant Center. President Trump is expected to speak at 7:00pm EST.

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GOP leaders blast Dems after release of articles of impeachment

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