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WATCH LIVE | Patriot News Outlet | Senator Ron Johnson’s COVID-19: A Second Opinion Roundtable

In progress.

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Ep. 97: Vax Mandates; Canada; Rekieta Law & Crime; Trump; Wisconsin Drop Boxes & MORE!

Lots of law stuffs. Some fun YouTube law drama battle between Rekieta and Law & Crime; Vaccine mandates updates. Canada madness. Trump loses. 2A 9th Circuit. Misleading movie trailer AND MORE!

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Most Americans have Covid and Biden fatigue, even if they aren’t saying so

That’s my opinion, and these people are saying it. Sundance posted this on CTH too, but it is worth posting it again so that more people can see it. This panel – 3 Trump voters and 3 Biden voters – … Continue reading

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Freedom over Fauci!

From Ron DeSantis.

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Why the tyrannical push for Covid vaccination?

Tucker and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss this question. What is going on all over the world is obviously (to me) a coordinated cartel-like push to control all of us. Possibly even more alarming is the media’s willingness to slant the “news” … Continue reading

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Neil Oliver: Are there any leaders left worthy of the trust of decent people?

I think all of us agree with Neil about this. Is there any elected official that can be trusted? Not many. The government puts up with us, but they don’t respect us. They have forgotten that they work for us … Continue reading

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Supreme Court blocks Biden OSHA vaccine mandate | Breaking

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Seen on social media – Vaccine mandates!

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Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone

Here is the complete interview; it is 3 hours long. I am listening to/watching it right now, but I’m sure I’m not getting all of it. Not sure what to think of Dr. Malone. He seems sincere and reliable, but … Continue reading

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VAX Nation – New Intellectual Froglegs

Christmas present from Joe Dan Gorman!

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