Democrats Might Be Underestimating the size of the Red Wave on November 8

I always used to reference the RCP poll summaries (Real Clear Politics) but haven’t recently. Seems they are doing something new this time around, and I think it is quite interesting. PJ MEDIA explains:

So this year, RCP added a column for the average amount polls underestimated Republicans over the past few elections and then a column for adjusted poll averages. The last column is the site’s predictions for the Senate and governor races. RCP now predicts the Senate will have a 54-seat Republican majority after a runoff in Georgia in December. It also forecasts the GOP will net three governorships, leaving 19 Democrat-led states and 33 Republican-led ones.

I hope they are right!

RCP Senate Projection:

RCP Governor Projections:



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4 Responses to Democrats Might Be Underestimating the size of the Red Wave on November 8

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Me, too.


  2. czarina33 says:

    Also interesting would be a table showing Covid vax rates by state, sorted by age group. Seems the child vax counts are very low in places which are looking like they will turn against their former Blue voting history.

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  3. TigerBear says:

    Would love for Oregon to get Ron Wyden out. He’s been a wart on the state for decades.
    Most in our family and friends have voted for Drazen and we hopeful we’ll get a Republican governor and the state will go red on all levels.

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