General Discussion, Sunday, November 6, 2022

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  1. Lucille says:


    Lapland, Finland…


    Braga Bom Jesus Monte Chapel, Uncao, Portugal…

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  2. texan59 says:

    I’ma need some of this when I get up after celebrating! Coffee up, y’all.

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  3. Lucille says:

    HUGE: Top Detroit Election Official Admits UNDER OATH that Thugs Tasked With “Security” In Upcoming Election At Detroit’s Former TCF Center Are “Volunteers” Who He Also Calls “Poll Workers” [VIDEO]
    By Patty McMurray – Published November 5, 2022 at 8:12pm

    100Percent Fed Up exclusive- On August 2, 2020, Braden Giacobazzi, an Independent poll challenger, was thrown out of the absentee counting center in Detroit by “men in black” for allegedly asking too many questions, including why one of the monitors used to process the ballots had an icon in the corner that indicated it was online.

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ all! Time change mood…

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  5. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. Forgot to “fall back” last night so I got up an hour early. I had tried to make arrangements for a ride to church last week, but I guess it didn’t work because I haven’t heard anything from anybody. I got dressed anyway just in case somebody shows up. But, I am ready to go back to bed. LOL. It was 18* this morning and had snowed again last night. I finally remembered what I drove when I was in Upstate NY. It was a Ford crew cab dually. I can’t believe my husband put snow tires on it because it would have been so expensive, but who knows.

    Anyway, have a nice day.

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    • Lucille says:

      “Fall back” means fallin’ your head back on that pillow like that sweet doggie Wee posted.

      Good day, aus! I didn’t even know daylight savings time was over. I’ll have to check the atomic clock to see if it changed…last year it took two days…don’t know why…maybe I’m too remote…LOL!

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  6. czarina33 says:

    Mornin’ Lucille and all ya’all. Funny I expected Morocco to be a desert, certainly without snow on the mountains!

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    • czarina33 says:

      Supposed to post under the pictures of fall at the top of the page.

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    • Lucille says:

      Good day to you, Czarina! That’s what I’m always thinking when I see photos of countries I have a certain vision of and it turns out many not only have deserts but also huge forests and greenery.

      Even the Sahara was once forested and green.

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  7. texan59 says:

    Our Favorite Sunday Columnist has some thoughts on what’s coming Tuesday, and a suggestion on what to watch for when the news readers start “reporting” on the results. Grab some coffee and sit a spell. 😉

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  8. WeeWeed says:


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    • Lucille says:

      No wonder so many of the employees used to say they loved working there. Considering that’s extortion, hopefully those losers get their comeuppance and have to spend all their ill-gotten gains and then some on attorney fees.

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  9. Stella says:

    Pretty interesting.

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  10. Stella says:

    This tweet made me laugh out loud.

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  11. Stella says:

    This witch is evil. The reply is excellent!

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  12. Lucille says:

    From an Epoch Times article which is behind a subscription wall….

    Re an interview with Montana Attorney General, Austin Knudsen: “As the United States faces record-high inflation and gas prices, concerns are rising about inadequate supplies of diesel fuel, which, according to gas companies, will only drive up its price.

    “It’s frankly terrifying. We’re at less than a month’s supply of diesel fuel in this country. To put this in perspective, we haven’t had a diesel shortage this major since 1951,” Knudsen told the hosts of “Newsmakers,” a collaboration program between The Epoch Times and NTD, during a Nov. 1 interview. “What you have to realize is we have a much higher demand for diesel fuel today than we did in 1951.”

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