Resting Place of Queen Elizabeth ll; George Vl Memorial Chapel

In case you were wondering.

George VI Memorial Chapel:

Construction of the memorial chapel was completed in 1969. It was commissioned by Elizabeth as a permanent resting place for her father King George VI.

The king died aged 56 in February 1952 but his death had been unexpected and as a result no specific resting place had been allocated. At the time, the king’s remains were interred in the Royal Vault.

With no more space to accommodate a second vault at St George’s, it was decided to construct another chantry chapel. The resulting chapel was the first addition to St. George’s since it was consecrated in the 15th century.

The queen rejected the idea of the traditional marble chest tomb with life-sized effigies favored by earlier royals. Instead, the king’s grave was marked with a simple stone of black Belgian marble inlaid into the floor with the inscription “George VI”.

The dedication took place on March 31, 1969, in a ceremony attended by George’s widow Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the queen, Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret and all four of the monarch’s children.

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5 Responses to Resting Place of Queen Elizabeth ll; George Vl Memorial Chapel

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I wondered about that. I’m still a little confused. I may have to watch it gain

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  2. Sharon says:

    I came across this article about the pall bearers. I kept wondering earlier in the week if there was more than one “team” – apparently not.

    Some of them just teenagers, and their families and villages are very proud of them, and were all as nervous as we were, apparently!

    I was hoping to find something that described some of their training and preparation. It sort of seems like what goes on at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington, but a thousand tours jammed into 2-3 days, with a billion people watching every step.

    The sense of personal pride they feel must be tremendous. I hope more information becomes available, in an appropriate way–not “making them celebrities” but outlining what they had to do, how they prepared, and how they did it.

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