Seen on social media – Senate abortion vote

Democrat attempt to codify abortion on the Federal level. I’m glad the Senate took it up first because it derails an attempt by the House, which would be used for political purposes (not that it isn’t already.)

UPDATE NOTE. According to the Daily Mail:

The attempt comes after Democrats tried to get the same bill through in February, but the measure has more urgency now that a Supreme Court leak shows a draft opinion that would overturn 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion constitutionally protected. . .

Murkowski said in a statement ahead of the vote that the Women’s Health Protection Act was billed as a way to ‘codify Roe v. Wade’ but ‘in reality goes much further—nullifying state and religious freedom laws across the country in the process.’

Murkowski noted that the bill does not include the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal dollars from funding abortion, does not include conscience protections for healthcare providers who do not wish to perform abortions due to their religious beliefs and ‘allows late-term abortions without any notable restrictions.’

New York has their own abortion law. Why do they want to prevent other states from doing the same? Because other states might put restrictions on abortion, and the Democrats don’t want to allow that. Unless you agree with them, you must be stopped.

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