NY Times writer disturbed by American flags (are they racist?)

I love Dave Rubin, and he does a good job of describing what was said here and what it means to him as a native of Long Island, NY. That’s where this “journalist” says she spotted anti-Biden signs/bumper stickers and many U.S. flags. She was disturbed! Dave has more to say about her. Watch:

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4 Responses to NY Times writer disturbed by American flags (are they racist?)

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    OMG. These people like Mara are not even worth trying to educate.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    The youtube clip and associated tweets have been curiously disappeared, but the articles still remain. For now.

    “New York Times’ Mara Gay responds to racist tweets following MSNBC math blunder”

    Ah yes, Mara Gay is the one who claimed Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million spent on his failed campaign could have given every American $1 million. When corrected. Ms Gay claimed…racism! What else?

    Gee, is a person or an inanimate object racist? Who can say?


    • stella says:

      Watch Dave’s video, as both the “flags” and “$500 million” videos are included.

      By the way, I subscribed to Viva Barnes Locals channel today. I dropped my Bill Whittle membership to cover the cost. Spread the wealth, I say!


      • jeans2nd says:

        I actually did watch Dave’s video first. Wonder how Dave found the vids, although I didn’t look very hard. Gay claims racism when criticized for everything, it seems, even when she makes a fool of herself.

        I may join you at locals. I’ve a problem paying for things online, or putting anything personal anywhere on the inet, but that’s a personal prob I myself must overcome.

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