Today’s video pick … Russian Army Ad Makes Woke US Army Ad Look Like a Joke for Kids


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5 Responses to Today’s video pick … Russian Army Ad Makes Woke US Army Ad Look Like a Joke for Kids

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Makes the United States look like a joke, period.
    Have known a few Army guys – L’il Bro was one. L’il Bro would have been in jail by now, after pounding the Army Recruiter here to the ground.

    Buck up folks. We’ve covered the Navy and the Army. It’s what we do.
    Too bad little miss sjw Army guy didn’t find another way to belong.

    Nov 2020 –
    “Battle to Belong: U.S. Marine Corps Commercial” 1:15

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    What ever happened to “A few Good Men?”

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  3. Lucille says:

    Putin is a serious man. He knows that Bide-Harr is a joke and that our woke folk are now running things. He’d be a complete fool if he didn’t take advantage of the new stance the American military is taking. China is doing the same thing.

    It was reported last week that Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, has not been able to set meetings with China’s counterparts. China/CCP now considers us weaklings. They have always thought they were superior to Americans but showing such open contempt for Bide-Harr and his administration is definitely a change in public policy from what it was under our President Trump.

    I sincerely doubt that under the leftist regime Biden is “running” we would be able to take out either Russia or China with our woke leftist policies in force. But that’s what our Marxist rulers want, isn’t it. Destruction of the U.S. is definitely on their agenda.

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