Shockingly Biased Media Coverage of Israel Even Surprises Dave Rubin

In case you didn’t know, up until just a few years ago, Dave Rubin was a liberal. In his political journey, he broke away from the left, calling himself a libertarian. Just recently, Dave has publicly called himself a conservative. I enjoy watching Dave, particularly when he is interviewing others. He is truthful and fair, and provides balanced discussions of current events. It is (in my opinion) a breath of fresh air in a world where media coverage largely consists of shouting.

In this video clip, Dave talks to Newsmax’s Sean Spicer and Co. about the shameless media bias in the coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. The mainstream media seem to frame everything in an anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian way. Dave responds to an NBC clip from reporter Richard Engel that clearly favors Palestine over Israel. Dave also gives his take on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who announced that she would be prioritizing non-white reporters by limiting interviews to journalists of color. This racial discrimination is another clear indicator of how equity and the identity politics of the left lead to racism. The modern left continues to choose being racist over judging people on their content of character.

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3 Responses to Shockingly Biased Media Coverage of Israel Even Surprises Dave Rubin

  1. jeans2nd says:

    I, too, enjoy listening to Dave Rubin. Dave’s interview with Michael Malice last week was great.

    There is not now, and never has been, a “Palestinian.”
    There is not now, nor ever has been, a Palestinian state.

    The people that live in that small piece of land stolen from Israel are terrorists.
    No Arab country will take them. Mohamed was never ever there; it is not a holy place for the Muslim guys.

    All aid sent to these people goes to the Hamas leader and what that leader doesn’t steal is used for more tunnels and bombs.
    Their only reason for existence is to kill Israelis, which serves Iran and a few other countries’ purpose.

    Why does no one tell the truth?

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