Can you believe it? Some parts of Canada have become a police state

And we thought we had it bad (not that it’s good in many states). From Viva Frei, who lives in Montreal. He has been very outspoken about what is going on in Canada.


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9 Responses to Can you believe it? Some parts of Canada have become a police state

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Coming soon to Amerika!

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  2. Lucille says:

    One of my nieces in Alberta wanted to visit me for a week. She checked what the Covid rules are re leaving the country. She was told she wouldn’t be let back into Canada without going into 2-week quarantine even though she has been vaccinated. That means she would have to take a 3-week vacation and she doesn’t have that much salaried time available. So she has to wait to visit until she accumulates the days.

    All kinds of would-be dictators are springing up across Canada, but also there are those who will not put up with such restrictions. The population of Canada is around 38 million, many of whom have come from restrictive countries and sought freedom in the West. Looks like the West is becoming what these folks have escaped.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Stella, you’ve been watching Viva Frei much longer than I. Does it seem to you Viva has changed just a mite since his association with Barnes and American laws, Constitution, and freedoms?

    Listened this morning to this vid, and have never heard VF so agitated. VF does manage to tone it down after his little girl shows up, but goes right back into anger when she leaves.
    Perhaps not. Perhaps it is just the escalating futile helpless feeling we all seem to be experiencing,


    • stella says:

      I think most of Viva’s frustration stems from his first-person experience with the Quebec government Soviet-style edicts. I’m sure his association with Barnes does influence him, but I imagine that he decided to partner with Barnes because of what is going on in Canada. After all, he gave up his law practice before that. I think his general attitude is to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt, but it is hard to do that recently.

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  4. stella says:

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  5. Re-Farmer says:

    Not all provinces are the same, but none are good right now. ON and Quebec are easily the worst. The Ontario police, at least, drew the line on the random checks, so the government is walking that one back. I don’t think anyone dreamed that Ford would turn out to be like this. Same with Kenney (Alberta) and Pallister (Manitoba). This is the sort of thing we’d expect from the NDP and Liberals, not Conservatives.

    My SIL was getting ready to move out of ON. She just had to back out of a deal she’d made on a house. She can’t hire movers, either. She’s now trapped in Toronto.

    I thank God every day that I don’t live in the city anymore. Most of the smaller towns, in general, are still sane, though some individual businesses are worse than others.

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