National Guard troops apparently targeted with adulterated food

A whistleblower in the Michigan National Guard tells Detroit channel 7 news that meals delivered to them have been under-cooked, adulterated (metal shavings added) or insufficient.

Isn’t it bad enough that these soldiers who are ostensibly protecting the Capitol and our lawmakers have been given inadequate housing and treated like second class citizens?

Now the food provided to them has caused at least a dozen soldiers to required medical care, in some cases hospitalization. Watch:

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10 Responses to National Guard troops apparently targeted with adulterated food

  1. Lucille says:

    Despicable! Expecting warmongers to care about the troops they use for their own political purposes is like expecting a feral pig to care that he’s eating a $1,000 truffle.

    It doesn’t compute in their minds that THE PEOPLE matter. If the complaints are going up the chain of command, then the DOD should be involved like yesterday, not some political body that is SUPPOSED to take care of such matters.

    Nancy Pelosi should be served this slop as a surprise gift from the NG.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    What the hell is our country becoming? Fraud elections, cancel culture, second/third rate food, now Microsoft wants to be able to track you by inserting a “fingerprint” system on their computers! HR-1 is a total disaster to our “God given Rights!” The media has become pomplicit in all this when they should be raising alarm bells and screaming from the rooftops!

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Complicit, sorry ’bout that!

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    • hoosiertruthfan says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Pa. Having relocated from California years ago I’ve seen this tide coming. I never expected it to sweep over our country so completely and quickly.
      It’s appalling.

      I’ll add, Bill Gates wanting to have our country focus on synthetic meats as our primary protein source and he’s the largest owner of farmland in the United States.
      The government is actively making us dependent on energy sources from enemies when we were energy independent, 9% of the boondoggle of the a 1.9 trillion bill is actually Wuflu relief and black farmers get 1.9 billion for racial justice. Schools and educators have been exposed as indoctrinators.

      It’s a world gone mad on so many levels it is dizzying. I know that is the plan, to overwhelm us with the breadth of their duplicity. It’s like being in the ring with a dozen fighters hitting on you. But we have to fight on for our republic.

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      • glendl says:

        No relocating for me. I am surprised in some ways that the populace “complied”. Complied may be the wrong word, but the correct one escapes me.

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      • glendl says:

        I hate it when that happens.
        The more this proceeds along Biden-Harris and Pelosi-Schumer axis, the more convinced I am that January 6, was a Leftist plot, Reichstag comes to mind. There was a good chance the Senate could have prevented the certification of the election results, but once the riot began, they stopped certification process went into hiding a quivered for 3 hours or whatever. 2/3 of the Senators that were on board to refuse to certify the results, begged Schumer of forgiveness.
        My Point:
        Jan 6 was a major victory for the forces from the Dark Side, add 0bama, Hillary and few more to the above 4.
        My Question: Would the Democrats have left the riot to chance. In the hopes the Republicans would act stupid or did they have an insurance policy to make sure something would happen.

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        • hoosiertruthfan says:

          The one bright spot in our recent political scene was the effectiveness of the Trump presidency. It was and will be blatantly obvious how different a man that governs conservatively is than the O’bama years and OBiden/Harris years to come.

          Loads of people woke up during the Wuflu situation. Even some of my leftie friends are seeing that Florida got it right and CA did not. As gas prices climb, as national security falls, as Biden bombs Syria, as more teachers refuse to do their jobs it is exposed to those unwilling to see it previously.

          If we can get some kind of control over the integrity of our elections, and many states are heading that way, I have no doubt that we take back the House, Senate and WH in 2024.
          It’s daunting and exhausting with all that comes out each day. I can only pray it opens more eyes.

          I have no doubt that the Antifa troublemaker Sullivan was there with others to create exactly what happened when it happened. For heaven’s sake, he filmed Ashi Babbitt’s death.
          Most Trump followers were smart enough to know that any incursion would halt the process which is exactly what we didn’t want to happen.

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    • glendl says:

      What is this country becoming?
      0’bama, “I am going to fundamentally change the way America does business”.
      The masses cheered, no one asked what was he going to change about the greatest nation in history?
      0bama, “I am going to bring America down to the level of countries”.
      Any Questions?

      The Democrats put an Illegal Alien in the 0val 0ffice in 2008 & 2012, No one in any position of said or did anything. 2016, the Left was over confident.
      2020. I believed the Democrats engaged in massive voter fraud knowing no one would call them on that fraud.
      SCORE: Democrats 3: Republicans 0.


  3. jeans2nd says:

    It’s almost as if they are goading us Non-Essential Chump Deplorables into doing something that can be labeled insurrection.
    In their world they’ve created outside reality and normalcy, their only cache to achieve a higher status amongst their chosen peers is to elevate to a higher status of victimhood.

    After all, even Myanmar can manage a military take-over. A few potential insurrectionists have already been found lurking within the troops. Shirley just a few more little pushes ought to send those lepers right over the edge.

    Why are the guvners not bringing their guys home?

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    • texan59 says:

      Michigan guv doin’t care about those men and women. Not sure where the rest of them are from, but back into it. If the Guv has a D by their name, those are your likely folks getting this slop.

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