General Discussion, Saturday, November 28, 2020

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  1. stella says:

    In case you missed it …

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  2. Lucille says:

    Miz Stella and Stellars…

    (Be sure to enlarge the two tree photos…so beautiful.)

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    Woo Hoo, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (one of THE top pioneers in Iran’s nuke program) is now doing inventory on his corral of virgins. Seems someone, on a road just outside of Tehran, done popped a cap in his butt…Tehran’s #1 nuke pioneer gets popped right in the middle of Iran…by whom?

    He makes, I believe, 4 of their top nuke bomb makers who’ve been sent to the arms of Allah in the last ten years. Seems those Iranian security folk don’t be doin’ they jobs, popping hi-valu targets right in downtown Iran has to be an embarrassment for the mullahs. Ah well, all’s well that ends well.

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    • WeeWeed says:

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      • Menagerie says:

        Hey Wee! Bout breakfast time here. The holdup seems to be do we go back to the diet today or tomorrow, with biscuits and gravy on the line. Tough choices!

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Yeah, isn’t much looking like an occupation with much of a retirement plan.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        It also seems I’m not the only one with a slight suspicion that the Turks may have been involved to some degree.

        I’ve been saying next door for years that Turkey wants to restart the Ottoman Empire and the only country that could really oppose it (other than nuke-armed Israel) would be potentially nuke-armed Iran. Whereas Israel wouldn’t consider Turkey as much of a direct threat as Iran, it would be in both of their benefits to have Iran’s nuke program stopped – enemy of mine enemy and all that.

        If we go back to the 80s and 90s when Russia, Argentina, France and China were helping Iran develop’peaceful’ atomic energy programs. OK, France did back out for a while but after some French hostages were taken and a few French assassinated, France was right back into the game. Whereas the US put pressure on the other actors to stop cooperating with Iran all it seems to have done is move the support underground and slow the nuke project while Iran developed its own domestic resources.

        Let’s see if the Biden/Harris ‘Death to America 2.0’ administration stays with the program of actively attacking Iran’s nuke program or if family members find themselves as board members of Iran’s Bomb the Infidels nuke commission.

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      • Lucille says:

        Good day to you, WeeWeed! Guess that makes one less jihadi for Kerry to suck up to (not that he’s going to get a chance).

        Went out for a short walk this a.m. and saw that several folks still have their TRUMP 2020 flags out with their American flags. Beautiful to see!

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ everyone. Looks like a few of you woke up bright and early this morning. My little Loki must have an internal clock. Just before dawn, she jumps up on the bed and snuggles up against my back. At 7:30, almost on the dot, she starts jumping up and down on me saying “get up, get up, get up.” So, I am going to bed a little earlier to make up that time I can’t sleep in the morning now. Annnnnd, now that we have had our walk, and she has had her breakfast, she is asleep again. :\

    I hope everything goes smoothly at the Treehouse. Moving is always so much work.

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    • Lucille says:

      Good afternoon, aus! Ah, yes, the occasional trying attitude of our little treasures…and we’re the ones who must adapt. LOL!

      All is quiet at my house until I put feet to the floor. Then they come running in, rubbing against my legs and meowing. Ms. Bee is the worst. I’ve tried telling her that those who meow will be put at the end of the priority line, but to little avail. Both DO understand the word “no” and sometimes even obey it.

      But we love them…most days.

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  5. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  6. tblakney says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!! Alabama plays Auburn today at 2:30 pm!!! Roll Tide !!! The greatest college football rivalry in the known free world!!!

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    • WeeWeed says:

      And WarDamEagle! Mornin’ Blakney!

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Yay tblakney! I’ve been the only Bama fan around here for like evah! So glad to have someone ‘sides me yelling ROLL TIDE ROLL!! Sorry I’m so late responding to your comment; was busy yesterday watching the Iron Bowl. My dad and I were both born in Birmingham, my dad went to Alabama and his brother went to Auburn. Our family’s full of the friendly rivalry. Have you ever seen Jeannie Robertson’s videos? She’s an outstanding comic and an Auburn grad. I love this one:

      And yeah, Roll Tide!


  7. tblakney says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!! Alabama plays Auburn today at 2:30 pm!!! Roll Tide !!! The greatest college football rivalry in the known free world!!!


  8. texan59 says:

    Feel free to share this with your tree-hugger friends. The whole thing about EV’s is not about saving the planet, although they think that…….it’s about control….controlling your movements and travel.

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  9. texan59 says:

    And we have the modern-day version of Who’s on First brewing among the protestor class. 😀 😀 😀

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  10. WeeWeed says:

    And, now – a poem.

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  11. stella says:



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  12. Morning All 🙂

    In the “what to do with leftovers ’cause I’m exhausted from cooking” theme we have this classic 1942 Norman Rockwell painting:

    I have no idea where this next image came from or who did it (or I would attribute it), but it’s a cat with cranberry sauce, so it fits in today too 😉

    My vote – blueberry/cranberry mix is YUM!
    Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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  13. stella says:

    If this doctor’s opinion is true, it’s pretty good news.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I spoke with my BIL who lives in BC. My sister died a couple of years ago. He is very upset about COVID. I tried to tell him that the stories around it are a hoax but realized very quickly he couldn’t understand. His only living family member is his 95 year old mother who is in a home and now has COVID. He is scared to death because he is over 65, overweight, and smokes. He bought a huge number of N95 masks and uses a new one if he goes out around people. He lives pretty far out and is somewhat isolated. He is also a liberal. He doesn’t realize anything about the New World Order or anything like that.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      A couple three weeks ago the real scientists said we were on our third mutation which was more contagious and much less lethal.
      Heard on Cat’s Roundtable iirc.

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  14. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, I’m feeling smart right now. I wanted to make some mashed potatoes to go with my turkey leftovers. So, I peeled and chopped up 6 big potatoes and am boiling them. Then, I can make one serving of mashed potatoes, home fries for breakfast, potato salad, and whatever else comes to mind this week.

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  15. stella says:

    NOTE: Now Sundance says he doesn’t care, and has reenabled comments on the latest blog post.

    Having been previous assigned the role of BAD COP, I am now assuming the new role of GOOD COP, and you have my full permission to comment away at CTH! Just be aware that any comments made now will be lost after migration.

    Yes, I am annoyed about the whole thing.

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  16. texan59 says:

    I don’t do the Tweeter, but I don’t know what could possibly go wrong with a “Queer Asian woman of color” deciding what’s fit to print. :/

    FTA – “As a queer women of color who is an Asian American in tech in rural America, that experience is a very intersectional one”

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  17. Lucille says:

    Lots of good articles at gatewaypundit today….

    BLAST FROM THE PAST: Smartmatic CEO Introduces Creepy Bill Gates at Global Citizen Conference in June 2015
    By Jim Hoft – Published November 27, 2020 at 9:08pm

    A photo resurfaced on Friday night of Smartmatic CEO introducing creepy Bill Gates at the Global Citizen Conference in June 2015.

    The Global Citizen is a globalist social justice organization aimed at ridding global poverty through socialism. The organization includes the support of prominent leftist leaders including Bill Gates, the Obamas and Pope Francis.

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  18. destashjan says:

    Has CTH been blocked on Twitter? I can’t find it 🤔


  19. Lucille says:

    Be terrific if this is correct…

    REVEALED: Video Released of Phone Call Recording to Chinese Manufacturer Requesting a Bulk Order of Fake US 2020 Ballots
    By Jim Hoft – Published November 28, 2020 at 1:29pm

    A video was released on Friday in Mandarin Chinese of a phone call request for fake ballots customized by Chinese factory. The manufacturer is reportedly in Kwangtung, China.

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  20. JTR says:

    Everybody Kwangtung tonight!

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  21. auscitizenmom says:

    I just saw this scroll across the screen under FOX Life, Liberty & Levin.

    ‘Justice Dept. is amending execution protocols to allow future death sentences to be carried out in methods other than lethal injections, and clearing way for use of poison gas and firing squads…..Amended rule published in Federal Register Fri lets U.S. conduct executions by lethal injection or “any other manner prescribed by the law of the state in which the sentence was imposed”…Some states still allow electrocution or firing squad as methods of execution….New rule takes effect Christmas Eve, ending a year when Atty Gen William restarted fed executions after 17-year hiatus….a spokesperson for president-elect Joe Biden told associated press earlier this month that Biden _”opposes the death penalty” and would work to end its use.’

    Then they listed all the people President Trump has purged from the Defense Policy Board.

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  22. auscitizenmom says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil.

    Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families as they seek to lead America back to You. Also, we pray for Angels to protect and support our Sundance as he works for justice and peace.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.
    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.
    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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  23. auscitizenmom says:

    A prayer for Justice Kavanaugh and Gen. Flynn:

    Prayer to St. Michael

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle;
    be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do you, O prince of the heavenly host,
    by the power of God,
    thrust into hell Satan and the other evil spirits
    who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

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