General Discussion, Monday, July 27, 2020

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  1. Lucille says:



    West Coast National Park wild flowers, South Africa…

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  2. Lucille says:

    This probably should go under “Good News”….

    LAPD Officers Fed Up with Violent Protesters in Downtown Los Angeles Toss BLM-Antifa Girls Like Rag Dolls (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila – Published July 26, 2020 at 9:33pm

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  3. Lucille says:

    Stanley Kurtz sheds light on Trump’s latest ‘tremendous accomplishment,’ and why media largely overlooked it
    By Yael Halon | Fox News – 7-26-20

    Kurtz called Trump’s reversal of an Obama era housing rule a ‘brilliant stroke on the part of the Trump administration’

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    The giraffe…if the horse had been designed by Picasso.

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  5. lovely says:

    One of the reasons tennis has been and always will be my favorite sport.

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  6. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  7. WeeWeed says:

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    • czarowniczy says:

      So that’s what it takes for SPD to call the ‘peaceful’ protests riots? Lord knows what it will take for the Seattle city council to declare them such.

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  8. Morning Everyone 🙂

    Glad to see the rare Nyet-Lurker yesterday – quite an unusual bird these days 😉

    I’ll just lurk at times this week, as it’s going to be very exhausting for me. Trying to fix up house to get it re-appraised to lower monthly payment the next few weeks.
    I’m going to be out this week attempting to paint garage doors, side door, possibly back door, and front steps and railings. Rain only forecasted for Tues afternoon, but it will be in mid 90’s with feels like temp up to and over 100 degrees this week. Supposed to be low humidity though. Not painting in mid day however – it will dry too fast, and I’ll probably pass out anyway. I’ll be inside re-painting bathroom then.
    Trying out Benjamin Moore paints this time as I’m very susceptible to paint toxins, and they are supposed to be a good paint. Been reading MSDS of various paints all day yesterday.

    After this have to re-paint Kitchen cabinets 😦 Any advice greatly appreciated. I do not want to end up with brush strokes. I have very dark oak stained and polyurethaned cathedral design cabinets top, bottom and even drawers that are sun-bleached to uneven shades. (Why couldn’t they have been a simple design, and why are new, even unfinished, doors so expensive!) I’m going for palest taupe tint off white paint.

    Here is unknown artist painting inspired by my current attempted projects:

    Have a great week! I’ll be lurking, and see you later 🙂

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I’m a little confused. How is sprucing up the house going to make the appraisal lower? Doesn’t it usually raise it?

      I knew of an old lady, late 80’s or early 90’s who lived in this really little town. She had lived there all her life. She had no running water, only an outhouse, etc. The town council raised money to help fix up some of the older homes like hers. They came and resided her house, put in running water and a bathroom. Then………….they appraised the house at twice what it was before. She, of course, couldn’t pay. Friends and relatives got together and went to the town council and finally got them to drop the appraisal. After all, she didn’t fix it up, the town did.

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      • Menagerie says:

        Appraisal will be higher but that’s good for getting refinanced at the lowest rate possible.

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      • stella says:

        Lower interest rate, I imagine. That would result in lower monthly payments. The appraisal would be by the mortgage company, NOT the city or state.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          The city would have its own self-serving appraisal. Waiting for our NOLA property taxes to go up as the city’s going to be having some huge liability settlements coming up and the citizens end up paying for the politicians’ screwups.

          I’m betting that cities like Seattle and Portland are going to have to reappraise the daylights out of property to cover the riots and inevitable social programs to follow the cease fire.

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      • The interest rates have gone down since we bought, and the house will appraise at $90-$120,000 over purchase price, so lower interest, and no more PMI makes a big difference.

        Pretty is important in this town for sales. We’ve dumped a lot into the house structurally, but pretty it ain’t! I’m not sure other than square footage, and things like hardwood floors, and a whole house generator, what the appraiser takes into account. However a general feeling of dated, worn, and dull cosmetics vs bright and new has even an unconscious affect on anyone.

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    • Menagerie says:

      Morning G&C. Cabinets are my favorite part of the painting business. I’m thinking down the road a year or so after all the surgeries are over of going back into that end of the decorative painting again, part time as I choose.

      Take all the doors off, drawers out, remove all hardware. Be sure you number them, a system that works for you. Clean the doors, drawers, frames thoroughly with a good cleaning solution. Rinse two or three times. Really. Get the residue off. Allow to dry at least one day, more if needed.

      This is the most important step you’ll take. Buy Glidden Gripper primer, sold down here at Home Depot. Do not use any other primer if you want a top notch finish.

      Unless you are really good at using a high end paint sprayer you are not going to get brush mark free cabinets but you can minimize them by using only the best rollers and brushes, Purdy is my preference. You can also buy an additive to put in paint to minimize strokes and help the paint settle better.

      Benjamin Moore is my favorite paint. Find a good paint store and ask for the best paint. You need to use at least semi gloss on kitchen cabinets. Buy those little pyramid thingies to put the painted doors on.

      Sand and repair any bad spots, holes, etc. with wood putty. You do not have to completely sand the cabinets if you degrease very well and prime with Gripper.

      Prime two coats, paint two coats. Never paint too thick a coat. Use a small angled sash brush to paint the edges and grooves first, then a small foam roller (they make some really good high density ones that work best on cabinets) to paint the flat part of the doors and drawers. Do backs first, then fronts. Allow plenty of time to dry between coats. Depending on humidity this could be 6 hours or so or a day.

      On my own cabinets I put clear sealer, at least two coats. My kitchen gets a lot of hard use. I want the extra protection, but it is not strictly required. If you do that, be sure you know how to apply, including a very, very light sanding between sealer coats so they will adhere, followed for course by using tack cloth to get dust off.

      Latex paint takes up to a month to hard cure. I wouldn’t rehang the doors for two days or so just because why risk so much work, let them thoroughly dry, but do not clean them for a month. If something gets on them immediately gently wipe away with water only.

      Should turn out beautiful and last a long time!

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      • Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it 🙂 extra big smile!

        Boy, I give you all sorts of credit for painting cabinets! I hate those square corners on every door and drawer!

        I saw that Gripper, but was wary of toxicity. I get migraines, dizzy, and sometimes sick for an extended time (weeks even) from toxic paint and glues. They list the solids such as kaolin limestone etc, but not the carrier that makes it acrylic. They do not list about 30% of ingredients according to the msds. The hazards and eye/inhalation contact info is more stringent than some other primers I read, but that may mean little – (just be standard to each company?).
        What is your experience of how long it off-gases (smells)?

        I looked at Stix® Waterborne Bonding Primer Primer (SXA-110) on the Benjamin Moore website. Have you heard of this? It is a acrylic-urethane primer, and even works on plastic and vinyl without sanding before priming, lists all ingredients, and has lower levels of warnings for eye/inhalation contact.
        I may just have to buy them both and see if either does or does not make me sick. I hope I can buy a quart not a gallon to test. The primer seems to be always the most toxic.

        I’ve previously been using AFM Safecoat products on the advice of my doctor, which is OK for ceilings and walls, but I don’t know about toughness on cabinets. The AFM primer is non-toxic, but I’d have to sand 1st, and I’d rather have dental surgery than sand the poly on 30 doors and drawers.

        I was hoping to use eggshell or satin rather than semi-gloss, even with a top coat as you said to use. I was told the more shiny the gloss, the more smelly the paint, and I prefer duller anyway. It’s just dear hubby and I, so there isn’t an issue of a lot of hard wear.

        I heard of a flow additive that reduces brush marks. I’ve had good luck with foam rollers and thin coats like you, but that’s with the AFM.

        I wonder if I use a good primer of either brand, if the AFM paint would be OK if I put the clear topcoat over it? It would be sandwiched in between the primer and topcoat. I use the AFM satin polyurethane, and it does not bother me at all. Maybe the water-based polyurethane (AFM) as the top-coat over the same AFM brand paint? I’ve used the AFM poly on regular furniture, but only over stain.

        I’m really happy you’re planning ahead to after surgery. I’m so sorry, but did I miss when they said it could be done? Thank you again for your advice. I’ll print it out so I can refer to it!

        Take care of yourself, and Be well 🙂


        • Menagerie says:

          I understand your problem. I can’t say about off gassing since I’m not sensitive to it, but Gripper does have more of a smell than paint. The only advice I can give you is that the primer is the most important part of the whole process. Be very sure what you are using will wear well.

          Semi gloss and gloss paints are usually classified as enamel paints. Enamel is a very hard surface. I would never have anything else in a kitchen or bath, even with a sealer over it.

          I managed Home Depot’s paint department before going into management there, but years ago. Many new products are out there that I am not knowledgeable about. I am very leery of any of the newer ones being as long lasting and hard surfaced as the regular paint, and I personally will only ever stand behind cabinets primed with Gripper. That stuff is so good that I primed my Formica countertops with it, painted them to look like granite, and no one ever knew it was paint. We used them about 6-7 years without one blemish, not even around the sink where water might penetrate.

          If you are going to stay in this house long term maybe think of hiring a painter? Again I’d caution you. A few months ago someone referred a potential client to me. I quoted her my standard price, and she was in a hurry to get the house on the market, pushing for it to be done, but hinted a little about price. As I didn’t care whether I got the job, I didn’t budge. She called me 2 days later and said the people who were doing her interior painting would do it. Weeks later she texted me. They had ruined her cabinets and she was sanding them. I declined the job at that point, I’m not going in to fix a horror story. So, get good references if you do hire someone. As you can tell from my description, it is a very time consuming job and a skilled painter can make those cabinets look like new ones.

          Several years ago when I did most of my painting, people usually wanted a glazed or distressed finish. I liked that better, and quoted them a little cheaper because it was much easier for me to do that than turn out a perfectly painted set of sold color cabinets. It isn’t as popular now, and I would never advise a non pro to use glaze. You have to be skilled and able to work very fast to get a good looking and consistent finish.

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          • Thank you for taking the time to reinforce the important points of primer & gloss. Additional info of finish appreciated – I knew I could not do a glaze correctly.

            I would love to have a professional paint them, but we put so much money into the structure (take out carpet & install hard floors due to my allergies, generator due to power outages, take down overhanging trees, etc etc) we just can’t afford the $3,000. or more to have it done. The south facing cabinets are so discolored from sun bleach out that the prior owner tried to re-poly some of the bleached doors, and it came out horrid! I have to do something. I have painted a lot, although not kitchen cabinets. If you saw my cabinets, believe me, anything I do will be better than what’s there! Hahaha!

            I’ll see if the Gripper is OK for me, and use a semi gloss paint. If Gripper makes me sick, I’ll use the other as it’s part of Benjamin Moore, and it’s been around for years. I have a local Ben Moore store so I’m lucky I can also discuss things with them if needed.

            We thought we could stay here, but medical bills the past few years have been staggering as well as the tons of money dumped into the money pit house, so we’ll probably have to sell in 5 years 😦

            I’m trying to look ahead to selling it by choosing light neutrals throughout the house, which I like anyway, so that’s a positive in all this.
            Thanks again,
            take care 🙂

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        • Menagerie says:

          Forgot to say that you could use a semi gloss, if you hired someone, and then put a satin or dead flat finish on top of it. You get the enamel paint but tone down the shine. Check for enamel paint info. Maybe they have come out with a low gloss enamel.

          I was immersed in the paint world a number of years but only dabble now so there may be some new products that would work well for you.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Is it just me or does that painting seem Norman Rockwell-ish?


    • Lucille says:

      These were classics. I read through the books, making notes of which scenes would make good pictures. Of course certain scenes—for instance, Tom whitewashing his Aunt Polly’s fence—were required.
      —Norman Rockwell

      In 1935, George Macy, the publisher of the Heritage Press and Limited Editions Club books, invited Norman Rockwell to illustrate Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Rockwell visited Hannibal, Missouri, Twain’s boyhood town, to find authentic details to include in his work. Twain’s vivid descriptions of character, setting and mood were an inspiration to the illustrator, who considered each of the writer’s scenes to be “complete and perfect to the last detail.”

      The sixteen signed limited edition prints from Rockwell’s own collection comprise this exhibition featuring the artist’s timeless images for these American classics.

      Image Left: Tom Sawyer Whitewashing the Fence, 1936. Illustration for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Norman Rockwell Museum Digital Collections. Easton Press, ©MBI , Inc.

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  9. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ everyone. Hope everybody has a nice day. Just hot and sunny here. Doesn’t feel as bad as it has, but still hot. My friend and I are supposed to go to St. Augusting in a few weeks to stay a week. I am going to be watching for any unrest there. So, if anyone hears anything, I will be interested.

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    • Lucille says:

      Good morning, aus! It’s 75 out right now, heading to 94! This week is going to be ugly with highs of 88 through 102 on Thursday! Aagghhhh! I’m taking a few days off to go sailing (I wish) and to keep from using my right hand so much. Have a good week.

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  10. czarowniczy says:

    I hear they’re still looking for the fountain of youth there…


  11. Sharon says:

    We hit 100 yesterday and apparently that’s happening again today……

    I have a good update on something.

    I think that 2-3 weeks back I shared the nonsense that the county and state, in all of their wisdom and authoritarian enjoyments, imposed on our little town a Covid-19 isolation center, to house people who couldn’t quarantine successfully at home and to house just-released prisoners, who have to be quarantined for 14 days before they go back to wherever they came from.

    Unfortunately, (they called it an oversight……) there was zero notification to the the town (pop. abut 26,000) before they reserved the entire Super 8 motel about a mile away from me for the Covid-19 isolation residence.

    Once the city council had a chance to absorb what had been done, they filed a lawsuit rising out of zoning non-compliance…….I learned only yesterday that because of that filing, the opening of the Covid residence has been suspended.

    Who knew. Sometimes even an Oregon city council is effective. I’m grateful, and figured I needed to share that! There WERE public protests, particularly by the seniors, as this end of town is full of retirement communities of one kind or another.

    So that bit of pushback succeeded, at least in the short run.

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  12. stella says:


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