Rosh Hashannah

Rosh Hashannah begins at sundown today, September 9. Our ambassador in Jerusalem, David Friedman, offers greetings to the people of Israel from President Trump, the people of the United States, and the government of the United States of America!

Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה‬), literally meaning the “beginning (also head) [of] the year” is the Jewish New Year. The biblical name for this holiday is Yom Teruah (יוֹם תְּרוּעָה‬), literally “day [of] shouting or blasting”. It is the first of the Jewish High Holy Days (יָמִים נוֹרָאִים‬ Yamim Nora’im. “Days [of] Awe”) specified by Leviticus 23:23–32 which occur in the early autumn of the Northern Hemisphere.

Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration which begins on the first day of Tishrei, which is the first month of the Jewish civil year but the seventh month of the ecclesiastical year. It marks the beginning of the year, according to the teachings of Judaism, because it is the traditional anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman according to the Hebrew Bible, and the inauguration of humanity’s role in God’s world…

Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn), as prescribed in the Torah, following the prescription of the Hebrew Bible to “raise a noise” on Yom Teruah. Its rabbinical customs include attending synagogue services and reciting special liturgy about teshuva, as well as enjoying festive meals. Eating symbolic foods is now a tradition, such as apples dipped in honey, hoping to evoke a sweet new year.


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37 Responses to Rosh Hashannah

  1. czarowniczy says:

    And here’s Trump providing complete support for Israel while OPENLY celebrating Jewish holidays while the most powerful Jewish members of Congress want to throw Trump into the ovens. Go figure…

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    • Menagerie says:

      I had a conversation once with a Jewish man about why he voted for Democrats. It was brief, but incoherent, at least to me. I just do not see it as in their best interests.

      Also, I know little about Orthodox Judaism. Less, I should say, because I don’t have a lot of knowledge about any of the branches. However, I do know that they have different beliefs on abortion, which also surprises me.

      I’d think a people who have been as persecuted and murdered throughout the centuries as they have would be inclined to defend innocent life.

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      • lovely says:

        I have several Jewish friends, some cultural Jews, some practicing Jews, as with Catholicism if you are not an active participating member of the faith it is difficult to nail down the orthodoxy as it would take years of study and one Jew will tell you one thing and another Jew a different thing because they both believe different dogmas.

        The Jews, 3 of them, who I have had conversions with about abortion, tattoos, cremation, judgement, forgiveness, heaven, hell, all have varying beliefs about what contracts true Jewish teaching. All believe that abortion is murder a sin against G-d, unless the mother’s life is truly medically in danger, then abortion is a deadly defense and the child is grieved, tattoos are a sin against G-d, cremation they are divided on, heaven and hell they are divided on.

        Forgiveness and judgement they are almost totally in sync. Forgive to live, forgiveness is an unassailable commandment of G-d, forgiveness does not mean allowing oneself to be re-victimized or not holding wrong doers accountable for their actions it means not having bitterness of heart toward another human being. Yes they are better people than me.

        They are all still waiting for the Messiah.

        As you know Judaism is the root of Christianity and we have much in common with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

        The worst conversation I’ve ever had about Judaism was with a religious scholar who was sure that she knew the faith through her books while having no real knowledge of the Jewish people or their plight. I had a Rabbi tell her she was wrong. He told her that by her reasoning that every Jew who was disintegrated in the World Trade Center attacks was an offense to G-d. It didn’t go over well.

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      • NYGuy54 says:

        Except for the harder core Jews, they are liberal first, Jewish second. They seek to modify the traditional values inside the religion to accommodate their liberal sensibilities. It’s no wonder they vote for Dems.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        I found the Jewish nouveau riche I worked with in Florida tended to Rat as the Rats were the primary political party in the New York/New Jersey corridor and the most likely to crawl up the rich folks butts while selling influence. They also bought the Rats’ ‘peace, love and brotherhood’ crap philosophy even if it were a pile of…
        Their Rat leanings have always amazed me. A few told me of their perceived need to have America be the big melting pot and how Democrats and their philosophies seemed to be the way to go, Republicans seemed too…nationalist and closed off…so the Rats drew.
        If we go back to the civil rights period in the 50s/60s the US Jewish organizations played a big part in the process with money, legal and moral support, a very big part. Some say it was sort of a survivor’s guilt over the holocaust or just a general identification with the oppressed and diasporic. Whatever it was the Rats were chin deep in the movement, recruiting blacks for their thin ranks just as they’re recruiting their Latino and Muslim replacements now. I always considered this relationship strange as it was the Rats who turned away so many of the ships full of German Jewish refugees away from US shores, many being returned to Germany. And when US Jewish groups brought proof of the camps and what was going on in them to the US government it was the in-place Rat bureaucracy that shelved the proof, ignoring it and refusing to bring the issue to the public’s attention during the war.
        There is no prohibition per se in orthodox Judaism against abortion though there’s one that some say applies but there’s wide disagreement on its application. Orthodox followers also do not consider a fetus a person until it’s born, until then it’s considered just a part of its mother’s body and that belief easily carries down through the other sects, the idea of a fetus’s status is more in the eye’s of the mother.

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    • lovely says:

      Amazing times ain’t it?

      Today because I said Serena Williams would have lost to Naomi Osaka even without a game penalty and that Serena acted like a tantrum throwing bully I have been called a colonizer, racist, hoe, f****ing b***ch and a hater, they even told me my momma is a hoe 🙄.

      Never mind that I am 100% right and Osaka is half Japanese and half Haitian, I am a racist for saying Serena is a sore loser.

      Reality has no place in the minds of rat-beings like the Jews who hate President Trump because their Pavlov bell tells them to salivate at his name. The Left is delusional and impenetrable to sanity.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        I think the Williams have just become immersed in the celebrity culture and suddenly discovering their positions aren’t permanent is a major shock. I don’t think it’s the losing at tennis as much as it is losing the spotlight that makes them react.
        Serena’s 36 and Venus is 38, pushing that envelope for players. Guess they jes ain’t ready to gracefully slide into that grande dame of tennis position yet -Osaka beat her but her tantrum overshadowed the victory.

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        • lovely says:

          I agree that Serena ain’t gonna grow old gracefully. But she has been a nasty sore loser for years, remember that poor line judge that Serena berated even though Serena committed a line fault? I think Serena feels entitled to a win every time she sets foot on the court.

          I also agree the celebrity of being Serena defines Serena. She is the drunk celebrity who gets pulled over and starts shouting “Do you know who I am!!!”

          I hope Serena loses every match against Osaka for ruing her big day. What a classless selfish skunk.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            I think that ego compounds the problem of her accepting entropy.

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            • lovely says:

              She is also a liar and excuse maker. How hard can it be to act graciously after all of the reward tennis and the tennis community has given you? Instead this awful entitled woman uses the same words she used 9 years ago, “People have said worse” and then she disingenuously place the “I is a woman that be why this is happening” card.

              Shut up Serena Ramos is a fair Chair Umpire and you are a bully.

              Umpire Carlos Ramos has history of being stickler for violations


              I spit in the general direction of all women who use their gender as a crutch and fake woe is me card.

              Good morning Czar. I rarely watch women’s tennis it is simply not as interesting to me as men’s tennis I watched yesterday for the first time in years. I’ll watch Osaka now. She is a beast!

              Today it is Djokovic and Del Potro 🙂 .

              This picture of Djokovic relaxing cracks me up every time I see it ;

              Djok is dying his burr hair, Federer is 36 and his hair is thinning and so is Nadal’s hair, I remember them all in their youth kicking butt and taking names.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        I just happened to see Sportscaster Jim Grey stating on America’s News Hdqtrs that the judge was wrong to call this on Serena. From what he stated, it is against the rules to be coached from the stands, but everybody does it so she shouldn’t have been called on it. SMH 🙄

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        • lovely says:

          Please Aus, can I take this moment to vent? I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry about a players treatment of another player before.

          Jim Grey is dead wrong because a coach yelling or signaling to your player from the box is against the rules but everyone does do it.

          So what.

          Just like everyone speeds it doesn’t get you out of a speeding ticket if you get caught.

          Patrick got caught.

          But when most players get a penalty they generally flip it off and move on. The Chair can’t see an infraction of the rules and blow it off. Tennis is a stodgy sport.

          Queen Serena decided that it was a personal affront to her integrity and that the Chair was calling her a cheater.

          Drama mama. So Serena put on a grand show of the wronged woman 🙄.

          Then Osaka broke Serena and Serena threw another grand tantrum by smashing her racket. Immediate, non reviewable penalty.

          Then Serena started screaming like a lunatic at the Chair saying he was a thief, that he called her a cheater and blah blah blah. The Chair rightfully gave her a game penalty.

          Then Serena turned on the whiny indignant water works. “It’s not fair!!! Wah wah wah!

          Tough luck.

          Then when Osaka beat her, Serena was an oafish boor who intentionally tried to ruin Osaka’s first big victory.

          Did I mention that Osaka idolized Serena and watched her play when she was just a 5 year old girl and her is her hero spitting right in her face 😡.

          A lot of people are saying Serena was gracious for telling people to stop booing and hugging Osaka but that is baloney, don’t buy it, Serena whipped the crowd into a frenzy against the Chair and Osaka. Serena is a rotten self entitled perpetual victim.

          So that is the whole story that no sports commentary is going to give because Serena is a black entitled woman and speaking the truth about her is like speaking the truth about Obama it simply isn’t spoken in certain circles.

          (I won’t watch it again but I do know the signal Patrick gave was to move into the net. I’ve read that Serena came into the net at the next play.)


          I did laugh out loud when someone commented that Serena Williams has officially become the Mike Tyson of tennis 😜.

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  2. M. Claire says:

    Shanah Tovah Stella – v’ Ketivah Vachatimah Tovah v’ Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim –
    may He remember us with Love and His Great Mercy…To Shine His Face upon us with Great Blessings and Mercy..Comfort (Nachamu) My People in this last Great Eighth Day..the last year of the Great Jubilee (Yovel)….Tikkun Olam Forever..Blessings to you and family..dear Stella.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    l’shanah tovah, welcome the year 5779! And you thought you got the year wrong dating a check.

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  4. M. Claire says:

    I have fasted daily for the past 50 days, repenting for the sins of this Nation and for the sins of our forefathers, in preparation for this day, Yom Teruah-Day of the Shofar. Each day, I pray for the children being trafficked, for our President, and for this Nation (Such a good friend to Isra’el).

    The Red Heifer has been born, the time is near. Don’t know, just sayin’? “Next year in Jerusalem”? I thank you my sister and I Bless His Name.. May our names be found inscribed in the Sefer Ha’Chaim (Book of Life)…Shanah Tovah Stella, well done…:)

    Arise O’Yah, and let Your enemies be scattered, may those who hate you flee before us! I thank You for continuing to confuse and confound the enemy. May they fall into the very same ditches, that they themselves have dug, and may their well be dry. Expose their nakedness and bring them Great Shame of Face, right before casting them out into the outer darkness or below, the burning place, where there is no rest, and where their worms will never die..

    Remember, oh King, Your covenant with our forefathers; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. We repent, and ask that during these next 10 days, when Your Messengers are in the field, with their inkhorns and books. May You find us worthy to stand before You and have our names written into the Book of Life (Sefer Ha’Chaim). We, Your People, bless You, and Your Name O’Yah, as we present ourselves to you, your bride. May we be found pleasing, and not found lacking, when being weighed…Shema Isra’el, Adonai Eloheinu.. We remember we are nothing but dust, without You.

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    • stella says:

      I’m sorry it took so long to approve your comments, but I have been sleeping/away. I’m the only one who does that here.


      • M, Claire says:

        Shana Tovah Stella, I didn’t even realize…:) So glad your rested, because the next few days will be full. Thank you for your website, and for your efforts, I depend on them..:) May a special blessing be yours, for your family and loved ones, this week and always!

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    • lovely says:

      Thank you Claire for all your prayers and sacrifice. I join my prayers with yours.



      • M, Claire says:

        Whenever two or more are gathered in His Name in a particular prayer, there He is. His Ear and the Ears of His Messengers roaming the Fields, in these days, are open, Inkhorns and Books in hand. Thank you for reading all that, and joining yourself w/me in my plea.

        Shanah Tovah Lovely one! May we both be written into the Sefer Ha’chaim tonight! I do pray too, that He extends Great Mercy His People who wander, for the next 10 days. And, for mankind too, who began its journey so long ago, today Be Merciful to us O’Yah, omein

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  5. NYGuy54 says:

    Happy New Year everyone! May it be the best year of your life. God bless you.

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