White House Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, August 2, 2018

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5 Responses to White House Press Briefing With Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, August 2, 2018

  1. stella says:

    I’m not all the way through this “presentation”, but I will say that so far there are a lot of words coming out of these persons’ mouths without a lot of substance. The constant use of the words “our democracy” is annoying. The United States is not a democracy, but a Republic, and the states are the ones primarily in charge of elections.


  2. stella says:

    Sarah really handed Acosta his butt on a platter. Good for her! He’s a bully and a creep.


  3. lovely says:

    Yee haw!! Grind him into dust Sarah.

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    • lovely says:

      Jim Acosta is really a terribly wicked person. Look at his fake concern and disingenuous face as he tries to pretend that he cares a single whit about what his fake reporting, his lies, his malicious attacking of Sarah Sanders, President Trump and so many of the Trump administration has done to their personal lives. And not only to their personal lives but to civility in our country.

      No one is against a free press, patriots are against the MSM propaganda machine that operates and works for a political ideology crying “free press, free press” while they toil to undermine true freedom.

      Go to hell Jim Acosta you lousy sanctimonious, head full of mush and mouth full of garbage twit.


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