President Trump’s visit to Japan

President Donald Trump meets with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and signs customized MAGA hats reading “Donald & Shinzo: MAKE ALLIANCE EVEN GREATER” 🇺🇸


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15 Responses to President Trump’s visit to Japan

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    🙂 Did they really have hats with “MAKE ALLIANCE EVEN GREATER” on them?

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  2. czarowniczy says:

    This is an open letter to China – Trump’s visit to Japan as the primary nation he’s visiting is the topic sentence.
    In China’s ‘Century of National Humiliation’ Japan has to be the keystone The Brits at least brought order and prosperity to the areas they conquered but the Japanese brought nothing but destruction, terror and death on a massive scale. Japan’s humiliation of China is still fresh in China’s mind too and is still, to a significant extent by Asian mindset, ongoing.
    Next onward to Korea, another nation savaged by Japan in WWII and a historical co-combatant for centuries before that. Never mind the Japanese genome shows that they are almost certainly of Korean extraction and one way of insulting the Japanese is to call them Korean – they are in bed together ostensibly as part of a US/Asian China-containment policy.
    I see that Trump’s visiting China as number three on his trip, not number one which would show he considers them the primary country in Asia and not last which could be taken as an insult. After China he goes to Vietnam and the Philippines, also policy suggestive to me. Not only are these countries all being poked by China with a sharp stick but the order they’re being visited suggests China being sandwiched in (pun not intended) by this alliance as it is by the itinerary.
    Another thing that makes me smile at the itinerary is that the Philippines and Vietnam are militarily toe-to-toe with China over the Spratly islands and have been for decades. The Philippines and China have been slap boxing over the islands but Vietnam shows no sign of taking and crap from China and so far China’s refrained from pushing VN. Y’all might remember that China supplied a lot of material aid to VN during the VN war but the first thing it did after the war was to try and invade China…again, it’s a historical thang. VN didn’t forget this and has made getting cozy with the US a priority. China and VN may still be Communist but they’re not the same Communist and old racial/cultural/historical ingredients are still heavily in the mix.
    There are a lot of pieces in play and Trump’s seeming to play old-style trade politics with a military frosting, something US-hater-in-chief Barry either couldn’t or wouldn’t do with China. Wheter Barry was China-influenced by those 70s chop-socky Chinese inclusive kung fu movies or just hates the US so much he’d gladly help China make us a vassal I don’t know but Trump seems to be going back to a US foreign policy we haven’t seen in a long tome.
    See what happens when you elect a conservative, US oriented POTUS who’s already rich and doesn’t have to steal money?

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  3. joshua says:

    wipe on…wipe off….


  4. lovely says:

    BREAKING: Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin Among Dead In Helicopter Crash Carrying Saudi Officials

    Another curious development.


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