President Trump’s conversation with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

To further clarify the relationship of the United States and Saudi Arabia in light of the recent corruption crackdown in the latter country, the White House has released a summary of the telephone call between President Trump and King Salman.


Office of the Press Secretary


November 5, 2017

*Readout of President Donald J. Trumps Call with King Salman of Saudi Arabia*


President Donald J. Trump spoke yesterday with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. King Salman expressed his condolences for the recent terrorist attack in New York City. President Trump thanked the King for his support and emphasized Americas commitment to defeating ISIS.

The leaders also discussed the continuing threat of Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen and last nights intercepted missile attack on Riyadh. They emphasized the importance of countering extremist ideologies and championing moderation and tolerance.

The President commended the King on achieving the commitments he announced during the historic Riyadh Summit earlier this year, including launching the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center and the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.

President Trump thanked the King for military purchases, including a $15 billion investment in Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and billions more in commitments and investments. The President assured the King that he would support the purchase of appropriate military equipment that would keep Saudi Arabia safe and help create American jobs.

The President asked the King to strongly consider listing Aramco on a stock exchange in the United States. Additionally, President Trump noted that the King and Crown Princes recent public statements regarding the need to build a moderate, peaceful, and tolerant region are essential to ensuring a hopeful future for the Saudi people, to curtailing terrorist funding, and to defeating radical ideology once and for all so the world can be safe from its evil.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is also the man who, as reported by black politico Percy Sutton in 2008, got Barack Obama into Harvard Law School.

This was the same bin-Talal whose $10 million offer to help New York rebuild after 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani rebuffed. In September 2001, Giuliani was in no mood to hear out “Israel knew” theories even from a benefactor.

See Jack Cashill’s coverage at the Kansas City Sentinel.

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10 Responses to President Trump’s conversation with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

  1. lovely says:

    Funny I was coming here to post this 🙂 .

    I know that a few of you may think my optimism is a bit nuts (I can live with that 🙂 ) but I feel a bit like we Americans are marching around the walls of DC in the spirit of Joshua, blowing our trumpets waiting for the walls to come crumbling down.

    I’m not naive I know what has taken decades to corrupt will not be remedied overnight but I feel optimism, real optimism about the possibility of the wall crumbling down and taking a lot of the oligarchs with it.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Agreed, I don’;t want to think otherwise as we need the positive vibes going out there now. This may be our last chance to save Americanism for generations. Once again the Rats are on the ropes but we have a non-RINO president who won’t try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…see Bush I.

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      • lovely says:

        Remember when the eldest Bush was at the debate to support Jebbie and he did a cut line across his throat when the camera panned to him, I thought he just didn’t want to be seen on TV looking all decrepit but Miss WeeWeed said, “Nope, that was warning to Trump.” Never doubt Miss WeeWeed. Lesson learned 🙂 .

        I’m working on a list of things that predict the downfall of the DC dynasties.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          I’m watching 2018 with interest. Will Rats and RINOs help each other in electing Trump-hating reps/Senators just to save their places at the trough? Thievery at the national level is powerful, profitable and addictive.

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          • lovely says:

            I expect a load of indictments sometime around May – June of 2018. Then the pillagers will be too busy staying out of the Big House to be worried about the White House and we will hopefully get some patriotic Representatives and Senators.


  2. stella says:

    Apparently al-Waleed bin Talal also funded Al Quaeda:

    Zacarias Moussaoui, serving a life sentence for his role in the 11 September 2001 attacks, made the claims in testimony given to lawyers for attack victims who accuse Saudi Arabia of providing direct support to al-Qaeda.

    Moussaoui said he acted as a courier for the late al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and compiled a list of donors to the group.

    “Sheikh Osama wanted to keep a record who give [sic] money […] who is to be listened to or who contributed to the jihad,” said the 46-year-old French native who pled guilty to terrorism charges in 2005.

    Moussaoui said Prince Turki al-Faisal (former intelligence chief), Prince Bandar bin Sultan (former ambassador to the US), and Prince al-Waleed bin Talal (well-known billionaire investor) all appeared on the al-Qaeda donor lists, as well as many of Saudi Arabia’s leading religious figures.

    The former al-Qaeda member said he met the newly anointed King Salman, then crown prince, and other members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia when delivering messages from Osama bin Laden.

    He also claimed to have met with an official from Saudi Arabia’s Washington embassy in Afghanistan and discussed a “stinger attack” on the US presidential plane Air Force One.

    So he funded the Democrats and Al Quaeda. Nice.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      There’s along list of Saudi royal family and business people who funded AQ, it’s been around before 911 and gets updated regularly. At US pressure the Saudis have made stabs at limiting the contributions but until we got rid of that old Saudi royal broom and replaced him with a more modern cleaning device nothing much really happened.
      Now we have a Saudi HMFWIC who’s young enough to see his extended future on the throne and wants to cover his six. I’m betting the opposition hadn’t managed to cement their plans on controlling him so he struck first. Let’s see how many other ‘arrests’ there may be. And let’s see what kind of punishments arrested get – wondering if one or more of the big players might get a body-partectomy as a warning to others.

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    WH released a sanitized synopsis agreed upon by both sides. Better to be a fly on the wall than a reader on the synopsis.
    What we have is two billionaires talking and not one big billionaire dressed in draperies talking to a thief-in-chief, ads would have happened had….aww you know where I’m going with this. Their interests are largely intertwined at numerous levels but as long as one of those interests is joint stability and security the other stuff’s dross.
    Beginning to look like that house cleaning I’d mentioned earlier, more so than a criminal trial. Lotta arrestees here who, amongst other things, could have helped the Rats in 2018 and 2020…jes sayin’. Oh yeah, and could have presented a threat to the oily US-Saudi relationship. Ain’;t even going into the US-Turkish-Saudi relationship.
    Tis good to be alive during interesting times.

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  4. Sharon says:

    There are some interesting posts/blog items at American Thinker, all around the subject, as well. Including a mention of Jack Cashill’s work from awhile back.

    Stirring the pot. Living history.

    These are indeed interesting times with all sorts of continuums playing out and things coming to fruition.

    Mr. President is something else: he slashes through one event after another, appropriately taking advantage again and again and then, once the thing is over, he doesn’t hang around to milk it – just moves on to the next side of the world.

    No mewling or whining of any kind, and while he’s at it – takes no prisoners.

    Really amazing.

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