LIVE ( Texas ) Church Shooting up to 25 dead, shooter deceased

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18 Responses to LIVE ( Texas ) Church Shooting up to 25 dead, shooter deceased

  1. czarowniczy says:

    I know my son’s Texas church allows and encourages internal security through armed worshipers. The huge fortress-like mosque that was built right down the road may have something t do with it but then the progs have created their own flock of violent anti-religionists.

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  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    Wolves Among The Sheep: Protecting Your Church From Violence

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  3. davidhuntpe says:

    How CONVENIENT. 59 people in Vegas didn’t do it to advance gun control, so now we have this AND a shooting somewhere else (don’t recall where).


  4. stella says:

    Press conference with Governor Abbott on now.


  5. stella says:

    An armed citizen engaged the shooter outside the church, and may have prevented more deaths.

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  6. Plain Jane says:

    A bit earlier I posted the following over at CTH, but I believe this info needs wide circulation. I see Mary/Marin mentioned the book, but here’s a bit more on it.

    We need to give this book to our pastors and to any other pastor that your know. Purchase the book and give it to them or someone on your parish council who is security minded. This man knows his stuff. He IS a pastor.

    DH carries even in church. I will be as soon as I can find right carry method for me. I would obviously prefer if the ushers and others were trained to spot trouble before it walked in the door.

    The way it is, we sit in the back of church, way to the side, so we can spot trouble if it enters, and take care of business if need be.

    Website where you can purchase books in case Amazon is out of them.

    Amazon website:

    Author’s bio (abbreviated form) from Amazon.
    Dr. T. Craig Isaacs is a licensed Clinical Psychologist; licensed Marriage, Family Therapist; ordained Anglican Priest (ACNA); certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS);and the author of John’s Apocalypse: A Study in Dream Interpretation; Wolves Among The Sheep: Protecting Your Church From Violence (2011); Revelations and Possession: Distinguishing Spiritual from Psychological Experiences (2009); and The Wolves Among The Sheep Workbook (2012).
    You may visit his websites at or for more information.

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  7. stella says:

    Latest White House Press Pool Report….from Tokyo ..note the time change

    Subject: Travel pool 1/Sanders statement on shooting

    Good morning from Tokyo where pool is holding at the Imperial Hotel waiting to start a busy day.

    Sarah Sanders sent this statement to the pool:

    Update on Shooting in Texas
    The President has been briefed several times and is continuing to receive regular updates on the tragic shooting in TX.
    The President spoke with Gov. Abbott earlier this morning. We will keep you posted as we can share more details.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends and families affected. May God comfort them all in this time of tragedy.

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  8. lovely says:

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  9. Plain Jane says:

    Help, I think I’m stuck in moderation!!!


  10. lovely says:

    Texas heroes.


  11. Plain Jane says:

    Absolve, we beseech Thee, O Lord,
    the souls of Thy servants
    from every bond of sin,
    that being raised in the glory of the resurrection,
    they may be refreshed among the Saints and Elect.
    Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  12. lovely says:

    There are flesh and blood angels among us.

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