Tucker: European countries are descending into poverty. Is is coming here next?

Energy rationing. Cutting their own wood to heat their homes. Prosperity depends on cheap energy, but Europe no longer has it. Either they can’t get it at all, or the price rise is skyrocketing quickly. Coal prices have quadrupled, and oil is seven times as expensive as a year ago. Natural gas prices have doubled.

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3 Responses to Tucker: European countries are descending into poverty. Is is coming here next?

  1. Stella says:

    Katie Hopkins explains how, in Britain, this energy shortage plays into more government control of daily life.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    Wake up people, Government can’t run anything correctly! Time to rise up show the way! Government was meant to be responding to we the people, not I the ruler! It has to start at the local level and work its way up to State level, then the Federal level. Grass roots is where it starts.

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  3. I could have missed it in the video – but nowhere is there mention of the FACT, that Covid mitigation mandates were creating huge problems long before the Ukraine issue. Covid mitigation bs is STILL creating huge problems, and the Western world “leaders” are STILL DETERMINED, to use that PLANdemic to force the accompanying difficulties and hardships to continue.

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