Tucker Carlson: Biden should be impeached for this

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2 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Biden should be impeached for this

  1. Lucille says:

    This is a truly excellent piece by Tucker. A must-see for every American who gives a fig about what’s being stolen from us, right now, and from all future generations. Biden has snatched America away from those who love her, want to see her prosper and grow, and become all she’s capable of becoming. He hands us the prospect of poverty and failure and demise in prosperity’s place and expects us to be happy with our lot. Because, like Tucker says, he promised that’s what he’d do and not enough people believed him.

    Biden is like a man who sees another man hanging off the side of a building yelling for help. What does Biden do? He goes to the man and pounds on his fingers until he lets go. We, as a nation, are on the roof close to the side of the building. We could slip and go over the side at any moment.

    What can we do to stave off our impending fate? Unfortunately other than stay informed, vote and pray, I haven’t a clue on how to stop Biden, Obama, Soros plus all those other haters who take joy in our predicament.

    Lord, have mercy on America!

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  2. Lucille says:

    In keeping with the admirably strong way Tucker expresses his points, the following shows us one of the ways we can deal with the lying liars of the Left…shove our victories in their faces….

    Dems Feel the Agony of Defeat – and It’s Awesome
    Kurt Schlichter Kurt Schlichter – Posted: Jul 07, 2022 12:01 AM

    Nothing generates hilarious cries of anguish from our enemies like hearing from a SCOTUS that actually reads the Constitution. And sometimes you just want to print out and frame their whining because it so perfectly encapsulates just how ridiculous our opponents are.



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