General Discussion, Saturday, May 20, 2023





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  1. Lucille says:

    Welcome to Swedish Saturday, Stellars….

    Visby, Gotland Island, Baltic Sea…

    The 12th century medieval town-wall with towers is approximately 2.2 miles long.

    Uppsala, Fyris River…

    With Uppsala Cathedral in the background, the city is also home to the oldest (15th century) university in Sweden, Uppsala University.

    Lake Vanern…

    The lake, located in the southwest of Sweden, contains 22,000 islands and islets and hosts rare bird species and exotic wildlife.

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ kids!

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  3. czarina33 says:

    National Red Sneaker Day. Probably not.
    World Bee Day. Yeah, I could think good thoughts about bees (except the ground bees in my yard, which attacked me last year when I was mowing)
    National Quiche Lorraine Day. Maybe I could buy one at the store…
    National Rescue Dog Day. Already have 2.
    National Pick Strawberries Day. Strawberries ripened in early spring here, not possible.

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    • WeeWeed says:

      I dunno – the red looks good on some people. Mornin’ Czarina!

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    • Lucille says:

      Hello, czarina! I’ll take the last three…quiche, rescue dogs and strawberries!

      May 20 is National Rescue Dog Day
      By Brianna Gunter

      How did National Rescue Dog Day get started?

      Inspired by a real-life rescue dog named Cooper, Tails that Teach started National Rescue Dog Day over 10 years ago to shine a spotlight on the countless numbers of dogs in shelters awaiting adoption. Tails that Teach is a non-profit organization that promotes humane education for children and the wellbeing of animals everywhere.

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  4. texan59 says:

    Good mornin’, all. Running a bit late, but coffee’s ready!

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  5. texan59 says:

    How nice………..One of those hoodlums that Bronco Bama commuted their prison sentence arrested for shooting woman and leaving her brain dead. In CHI no less!

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  6. texan59 says:

    Apparently, little Elizabeth wasn’t donating enough money to the right people. Looks like she’s headin’ to the big house real soon. I’m sure her lawyers are combing the legal archives looking for that silver bullet, or secret politician who can save her bacon!

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  7. texan59 says:

    Te Eff-Bee-Eye needs to be dismantled down to the last brick, and I’m not sure it needs to be rebuilt…….at least in the form it has been for the last 115 years. While none will admit to it, they have been a domestic spying org from way back. Otherwise, why did J. Edgar wield so much power over so many people. We already know what they’ve admitted to, and now we find out they accidentally “misused” a process through the FISA court 278,000 times in ’20-’21. But they promise they aren’t doing it anymore.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I agree.

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    • Lucille says:

      Uh-huh! “…a problem the agency blamed on a misunderstanding between its employees and the Department of Justice lawyers.”

      278,000 misunderstandings is just a tad excessive, wouldn’t you say? Apparently no FBI executive, agent or support staff even questioned the legitimacy of the agency’s interpretation. So, when do “mistakes” stop being misperceptions and become purposeful plans?

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  8. auscitizenmom says:

    Afternoon All. Summer weather here, I guess. It is 81* here right now, but it is almost 1;00 PM. Today is my son’s birthday and they are having a little party for him later. So, I was getting everything done here to go over there.

    Last night I went to a chorus program the children’s chorus put on at the church. The lady who leads these really puts a lot of effort into them and they are so much fun. One of my granddaughters is shy and this seems to be a really good thing for her. The kids all seem to love putting it on. I’m so glad I am blessed to be here to see it.

    Well, have a nice rest of your day.

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  9. Lucille says:

    Today it’s happening to you!!!
    Posted by JustKnate

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