Body Language: Elon Musk, Resisting the handlers

In this video, Elon is being interviewed by the woman he just hired as the new CEO of Twitter. The final analysis is quite interesting. Time will tell whether or not she will have influence on the basic rules at Twitter, or if she is only being brought in to stimulate advertising activities.

Let’s face it – Elon Musk didn’t get where he is by being stupid and naive.

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4 Responses to Body Language: Elon Musk, Resisting the handlers

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I am sort of fascinated by Elon Musk when he is being interviewed. You can watch him think and he is so careful with his words.

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  2. ernnburn says:

    Fascinating interview video with its body language analysis. Thanks Stella

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  3. tblakney says:

    The interesting part of this interview , to me, is the stance on free speech . The trend in the political World AND the media world has been the suppression of speech. The fact that Musk has come out and planted a flag on the basic freedom of our country is as bold as The Donald Trump campaign to make America Great!!!! This is a throwing down of the gauntlet of rebellion against the present media conglomerate that is controlled by Soros and the like!!

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  4. tblakney says:

    I forgot to say thank you for posting this interview. Well done Stella.

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