Tucker Carlson: Could Biden’s policies lead to poverty all over the US?

Because of Biden’s policies, the U.S. dollar may lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. Tucker explains what is happening, and what may happen as a result.

Economic sanctions, supposedly to hurt Russia, have hurt us. Many large countries, many of whom have historically been our allies, have moved away from the dollar as an asset. Our borrowing power is contracting, and we all realize that our Congress relies on borrowing.

Biden’s efforts to crush the Russian currency has failed, but he has managed to destabilize ours.


Last week, China and Brazil reached an agreement to settle trades in one anothers’ currencies. Over the past 15 years, China has replaced the United States as the main trading partner of resource-rich Brazil, and as such that shift may have been inevitable. But within the context of recent circumstances, this appears to be another in a series of recent blows to the central role of the dollar in global trade.

[. . .] The switch from dollars to a yuan-real settlement basis in Chinese-Brazilian trade is only the latest in a growing trend. Discussions of a more politically neutral reserve currency have gone on for decades. The profound economic disruption experienced by Iran, and more recently Russia, after being evicted from dollar-based trading systems like SWIFT, however, have led many nations to consider imminent contingency plans. India and Malaysia, for example, have recently begun using the Indian Rupee to settle certain trades, and there have been perennial warnings about Saudi Arabia and other energy exporters moving away from the dollar. On that note, China also recently executed a test trade for natural gas with France settled in yuan.

[. . .] Owing to the role that dollar pervasiveness plays in the international appetite for U.S. Treasuries, a side effect of the long-term attempt to establish alternative reserve currencies may be decreasing interest in tradable U.S. debt. Over shorter time frames, that would likely result in higher yields and higher levels of debt service on securities issued by the U.S. Treasury. Over generational time frames, that shift could force a reduction in U.S. government spending. Should that scenario play out, the long-term effect of using access to dollars as a bludgeon of American foreign policy could well be higher average inflation and/or higher taxes on American citizens.

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2 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Could Biden’s policies lead to poverty all over the US?

  1. Sharon says:

    I bought my seed potatoes, onion sets, and carrot seeds today…it might be in the 60s here this weekend, and any chance of 28 (f) degrees is long gone so as soon as the garden soil isn’t muddy, I’m getting them started.

    I also decided to go with container/patio tomato plants this year instead of the big plants in the raised garden. I had so many tomatoes last year, it was horrendous getting them all canned, and I have decided that is not necessary. I biggest enjoyment is having the fresh tomatoes, and I can do that with patio plants.

    Also, I had never canned tomatoes before and ended up canning many just so I wouldn’t lose them. That learning curve always pushes me to the edge….don’t want to make mistakes with canning…..Did a lot of dehydrating and freezing as well, so those are always an option.


    • Stella says:

      Good for you, Sharon! I’m sticking to container tomatoes this year too. I’m trying a couple of dwarf plants. Can’t wait to see how they do. I love cherry tomatoes and the small “cocktail” tomatoes for salads, so they should be perfect for me. I haven’t canned tomatoes for quite a few years.

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