Judge Jeanine: This indictment is ‘garbage’

Yes it is. Apparently the “34 counts” refers to 34 financial transactions (payments?) and how they were recorded. Bragg’s contention is that they were misidentified to cover up a crime, but Bragg doesn’t specify what that crime is. Sounds like a huge reach to me, especially since Trump’s corporation is private, not public.

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3 Responses to Judge Jeanine: This indictment is ‘garbage’

  1. Lucille says:

    Re this video, the first explanation from the male in front of the courthouse (don’t remember his name) while informative was discouraging. I trust no one at FOX to give us any hope. They love their leftie commentators like the leftie in this vid. Disgusting! I feel like slapping the entire bunch even though I like Judge Jeanine. Unfortunately this vid only increased my pessimism about a good outcome.

    In the following vid, while Tom Fitton isn’t a lawyer, I do feel more comfortable listening to his explanations because he’s one of us and an honorable man.

    FITTON: “This is a Rigged Prosecution to Ensure a Rigged Election!”
    Posted 4/4/23

    Our President is in the greatest of danger. He wants a change of venue and should get it but whether or not he will again depends upon lefties doing the right and just thing…so you can understand my alarm when there’s not a leftie alive worth spit.

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  2. resolute says:

    Now that we all can see that there is no “there” there, which most of use understood all along, can Trump know move forward with election interference charges against these clowns?

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