Buzz Kill

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  1. Sharon says:

    It looks like that’s exactly what they did to themselves. I’m so glad that President Trump did not accept this nonsense being done on Zoom. The free media he’s getting as the hornets are stinging the left is priceless.

    I always hope that bad people will step on the rake and it will bust their nose, but I never assume that it’s going to happen. Gotta wait for reality to hold its press conference.

    From the comments I’m seeing (and references to lawyers making observations on various media) this is pretty much a backfire in the most satisfying way.

    Going forward, I hope that President Trump keeps doing what he did today–show up in New York and make it cost the very most possible for the New York taxpayers to suck up.

    It’s pretty astonishing that–assuming that Judge Bragg’s brain is functional at all–that he insisted he “had the goods” and insisted on proceeding, knowing all the while that the details would come out. The self-deception is remarkable, I think.

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