NTSB Chair shuts down Mayor Pete’s blaming of Donald Trump for train derailment

Mayor Pete finally found time in his busy schedule to visit the East Palestine train derailment site. His response to questions by the media was to blame the Trump administration:

Unfortunately for him, the honest Chair of the NTSB weighed in on the situation.

The NTSB report was released showing that the braking system had nothing to do with the derailment. NTSB Chair, Jennifer Homenday, shut that falsehood down.

“The NTSB has looked at electronically controlled pneumatic braking for a number of years and we did some testing as well. Certainly, it would improve safety. But for this investigation and for this derailment, ECP brakes would not have prevented the derailment. The wheel bearing failed on car number 23, so even with ECP brakes, the derailment would have occurred, the fire would have ensued, and the five vinyl chloride tank cars would still have to be vented and burned. What it could have done was maybe reduced damage where a couple of cars could have remained on the tracks, but we’re going to do some modeling along with the Federal Railroad Administration to determine just that.”

Donald Trump did not cause the crash in East Palestine, and regulations dealing with ECP brakes were not a factor. At the end of the day, the bearings failed, causing an axle to break and the train to derail. And, since the Biden administration has been in command for months now, they could have easily “corrected” the deregulation, but they did not.

Once again, the appointment of someone based on politics and appearance, rather than knowledge and ability, results in failure.

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  1. Pa Hermit says:

    The Alfred E. Newman imposter does Mad Magazine an injustice!

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