Tucker: This will make you shiver

Mayor Pete: Sorry, East Palestine, I’m at dinner.

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3 Responses to Tucker: This will make you shiver

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    To say what needs to be said, I’d be censored!


  2. Lucille says:

    Petey is just a wastrel. He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, of course.

    President Trump released the following today as part of his daily update. You can see that working har each day and doing one’s job is nowhere near a priority for Petey:

    Secretary Buttigieg’s Schedule

    Feb 4: Celebrates “Transit Equity Day”
    Feb 5: Celebrates Secretary Granholm’s’ birthday
    Feb 6: No events.
    Feb 7: No events.
    Feb 8: No events.
    Feb 9: Speeches in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Port Arthur, Texas.
    Feb 10: No events.
    Feb 11: No events.
    Feb 12: No events.
    Feb 13: Five tweets about the train derailment and then a speech at the National Association of Counties in Washington, D.C. (does not mention the derailment and makes his infamous “ white construction workers ” comment)
    Feb 14: Tweets about Michigan State University shooting , wishing someone a happy birthday , finally a tweet about assisting the response , then a tweet about bridge infrastructure , and then another tweet thread doing damage control.
    Feb 15: No events.
    Feb 16: No events.
    Feb 17: Releases damage control fact sheet from the White House.
    Feb 18: No events.
    Feb 19: Submits a “sharply worded letter” to Norfolk Southern Railway’s CEO
    Feb 20: Says he will go to East Palestine when the “time is right.”
    Feb 21: Announces a package of safety reforms and that he wants to take some personal time.
    Feb 22: Announces he will visit East Palestine, Ohio .

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  3. Lucille says:

    NTSB Prelim Report: Norfolk Southern Train Derailment 23 Feb 2023
    Juan Browne – February 23, 2023


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