Her mother says she is ‘White as the Driven Snow’

She says her name is Raquel Evita Saraswati, and she is the chief equity, inclusion and culture officer at AFSC (American Friends Service Committee, a radical Quaker organization in Philadelphia.) They are all about “social justice”.

But “Saraswati” isn’t all she claims to be.

aka Rachel Elizabeth Seidel

Legal Insurrection reports:

Saraswati’s mom Carol Perone outed her daughter as a fake to The Intercept. Her name is Rachel Elizabeth Seidel:

“I call her Rachel,” Perone told The Intercept, when reached by telephone. “I don’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing.”

 Saraswati, her mother added, is of British, German, and Italian descent — not Latina, South Asian, or Arab. “I’m as white as the driven snow and so is she,” added Perone, who also shared with The Intercept photos of Saraswati as a child. In the photos, which the mother asked not be published, Saraswati’s complexion is significantly lighter than the bronzed look in more recent photographs. Perone also shared with The Intercept her Ancestry.com profile and a photo of Saraswati’s biological father, who is deceased. Another relative who asked not to be identified confirmed that Saraswati is white.

Apparently she converted to Islam while in High School. Isn’t it clever that she claims both some vague Arabic background AND a “Latina” background (middle name Evita?)

Seems she is a progressive star in Philly, serving in other progressive positions and winning awards:

…served as chair of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs until joining AFSC in June of 2021, having been appointed by Mayor Kenney to the Commission in 2017. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Raquel was awarded “Woman of the Year” by the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women and “Rad Girl of the Year” by Rad Girls, Inc. Philadelphia Magazine named her the city’s “Liaison for the Marginalized” in its “New Look of Power” issue.

She also claims to be “queer”, according to her employer.

[. . .] Oskar Pierre Castro helped bring Saraswati to the AFSC. Her resume “touched all the points.” She presented herself to the committee as a “queer, Muslim, multiethnic woman’:

He added that he had been impressed by Saraswati’s credentials and charm and that he thought she would be a good fit for the diversity and inclusion role because “it seemed that there was an element of lived experience and understanding because of the lived experience, not just the academic and extra training that come with being in a position where you are an equity and inclusion practitioner.”

Castro added, “In my mind it was, ‘Great, a person of color, a queer person of color, who happens to be a Muslim, it’s a woman, all these things, and someone who seemed to get it. I definitely feel conned. … I feel deceived.”

If you read the complete article, you will see that her employer isn’t so much concerned about her lying, but that she might be a conservative plant. Somehow I doubt that. She’s just another leftie grifter. We have seen them before, and we will see them again, I have no doubt. Anybody remember Rachel Dolezal?

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6 Responses to Her mother says she is ‘White as the Driven Snow’

  1. Sharon says:

    Her employer “feels conned….feels deceived…”

    Even as he treads water in this situation, he can’t say he was deceived. It’s still all feelings.

    The constant stream of evidence from people who can’t deal with reality and can’t bring themselves to use words that reflect reality…..frustrating. And provides some understanding of how we got where we are.

    I usually don’t feel like breaking old dishes this early in the morning. Gonna have to watch my step today. Weed, keep those shovels handy.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    When I first heard this my thought was – another lying liberal. They just seem to lie about everything, whether it matters or not. I mean, there was a time when you might come across someone lying for some reason or other. But, this is just wholesale lying about absolutely everything and the government seems to be full of them. It is so hard to know who to trust nowadays.

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  3. Stella says:

    More of this crap.

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  4. Monroe says:

    As a society, we removed advancement through merit and hard work. Now “success” (money and stature) is based on diversity requirements.

    Is it any surprise that people fake a race? People want the American dream of fortune and success. The rules of the game changed.

    The liberals are playing stupid games and it’s nice to see the stupid prizes.

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  5. Stella says:



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