General Discussion, Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I tried to find out where this island is located and discovered that the image is simply a digital creation by artist Pablo Scapinachis.

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  1. WeeWeed says:

    Happy taco Tuesday, y’all!

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  2. weather257 says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day all! Anyone remembering little cards and sugar hearts in elementary school?

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    • czarina33 says:

      I’m sure woke schools have cancelled it because some won’t have received as many or as nice as others, and so on though the litany of grievances.

      So, for all the Stellar friends: I send you extra hearts and cards and candy, because we should get extra and special recognition. 💕

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    • Sharon says:

      My favorite classroom Valentine Day was 6th grade–and probably the last one because 7th graders were “too grown up” to do that?

      In 6th grade, our teacher instructed us to each get a standard shoe box from our parents and decorate it however we wanted, including an opening cut in the top to make it look like a mailbox, and the little cards from our friends could be stuck in through that.

      The final step was done the day before Valentines–four cardboard wheels were added to the four corners of the shoebox, and now it’s a railroad car….on Valentine’s day, all 26 of the railroad cars were lined up across the end of the classroom — a long train. Very fun and very pretty.

      That was the year that Dickie Rumsey gave me a real lace-heart valentine. He would often chase me and my cousin from the school room door to the country school bus in the afternoon. We always outran him. I don’t know if he let us do that. Later on in life, he became the mayor of our little country town–like almost every man in normally accepted community standing did, sooner or later!

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  3. Sharon says:

    “In response to the growing anger, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay is reported to have said that the government has identified and arrested over 100 workers and developers for shoddy and illegal construction.” Typical authoritarianism, I guess. Make the corruption feasible and profitable, and then come with a hammer fist when the public doesn’t like the results.

    The more things change the more they remain the same.

    Maybe the people in Ohio will get angry and make some demands.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Mornin’ All. Well, the weather guessers were right, we got between 1″ and 6″ of snow – 2′ or 3″. And, it is now up to 30* and overcast light grey. Still, looks pretty out there.

    I got a notice yesterday that I am now on the wait list for an apartment in a senior subsidized, I guess it is, apartment closer to my family. So, I may make another move in July. Not really looking forward to a move. But, we will see. It would be about $300 or $400 less than here, and that makes a BIG difference. Who knows what the next 6 months will bring!?

    Anyway, hope you all have a nice day. 🙂

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  5. Stella says:

    I’m reducing turkey stock that I made yesterday and defatted this morning. Smells like heaven in here. Making turkey (pot pie filling) with fluffy dumplings later.

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  6. Hi All,
    Long time gone. So nice to see you all. I check in quickly mostly on Wed & Sat. Love to see you all & quick glance at pics. Life has been too crazy to respond. Had health problems of my own, unanticipated house construction repair, then Dear Hubby got diagnosed with esophageal cancer in January. Found out yesterday that it was stage 4 & has spread to his liver. There is no cure they say. Oncologist says 6-12 months, but with chemo etc we hope will be longer. Saw story about Love, loss, grief & love for 40 years. Dear Hubby & I have been together & best friends for 40 years & 5 months now. Clicked on story, and did not quite understand that quote, but I understood the comments very well. Amazing how God puts things in front of you at certain times.
    Two things:
    1. – DH did not have any of the 3 usual causes of esophageal cancer: no smoking, only a very occasional beer so no drinking really, and he was never obese but just occasionally up to 10 – 30lbs over on a 5’10 1/2″ frame. He also had NO PAIN even when at his annual physical at Christmas when the doctor pressed in the area. He had 3 pages of blood tests & nothing showed up. What he did have was a lot of post nasal drip (unrelated) that he and the doctor thought was causing some inflammation and pressure/discomfort in the area. We were not eating as normal because we were having major construction done on the house. The doctor said to take flonase and pepcid & call him back in 2 weeks if it wasn’t better. He could eat some food up until a week or so ago. When DH called the doc on Jan 12, the doc immediately ordered an upper GI that showed a tumor like a donut someone had shoved to the bottom of his esophagus. The docs knew it was cancer then & told us it pretty much was, but the biopsy results from further testing took until the 20th.
    My point: If you feel pressure or swelling at the top of your stomach & or esophagus INSIST on getting an upper GI. Esophageal cancer can move very fast and the survival rate is 47% at best. He was one of the 5% that had “silent or hidden Barrett’s Esophagus”. They were amazed he still has no pain, but the lack of pain and shape of the tumor may have been what caused the delay in diagnosis.
    2. – I’m putting out there 2 things: please pray for him, & does anyone know of a study or different treatment for Stage 4 esophageal cancer spread to the liver and possibly lymph nodes around the stomach? I know I am asking for a miracle, but I have no pride. I will make whatever time is left as loving as it can be.
    Thank you all for all the joy & comfort you have given me even though I just pop in & out. BTW DH now always checks Doggity day & Caturday for a smile. Thank you for that.
    May God keep in the palm of His hand. My best to you all.

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    • Stella says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. I’m afraid I have nothing to offer in the way of advice, but I will pray for you and for him. If something I have posted brings comfort or smiles, I am very glad!

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      • Thank you for your prayers. They rise like incense into heaven to God.
        It would be wonderful if you & all those who comment here (*) could see all the joy you bring to people through your website. Thank you again.

        (*) Which I hope to someday be able to post series of comments like the prior tall ships and the glass museum series. I miss chatting with you all, mostly on fun silly stuff, but that’s important too.

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    • Sharon says:

      Pride is an obstacle when it comes to quietly asking for what we need, so it’s good to set it aside….In the face of such life-changing news, you and your husband are standing together in a hard place–quietly asking for what you need, and anticipating being able to receive what you need.

      Deep waters and the grace of God often occupy the same space.

      My heart can’t help but be touched by your report –

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      • Thank you Sharon. Your beautiful elegance of prose “Deep waters and the grace of God often occupy the same space. ” made me think. That’s quite a thought, and very true. Thank you for that. It’s very comforting. I’m going to think on that.
        Thank you also for all who say a little prayer but are unable to comment. May God bless you all.

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    • czarina33 says:

      All my sympathies and prayers to you two. Hug him every chance you get, for as long as you can, because when he’s gone…

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      • Thank you Czarina for your prayers & sympathies.
        We have 10 days of calm (probably all the calm we’ll ever have left) before the 3 combined types of chemo starts unless the radiologist thinks a short course of radiation will shrink the tumor some allowing him to eat & keep it down. I asked him if he wanted to have people visit, or I could drive him somewhere to visit (he’s somewhat weak from lack of food), but he said no. He just wants us to spend that time together here.
        I tell him forget about a velcro dog or helicopter parent. I’m a velcro wife, and that’s what he wants. So gentle, careful hugs, often just of his arm, is exactly what I’m doing.
        When a loss happens, a person really tries to be sympathetic & imagine what someone else is going through, and honestly is sincere, but as you & various other spouses here know, you don’t know until it happens to you. This in NO WAY minimalizes the sincerity of the condolences. We are all touched by & grateful for another’s love. But it is harder than what can be imagined.
        I often said getting old isn’t for sissies, but it beats the alternative. The worrisome part is for ladies with little or no family. THAT is what scares me because the times sure have changed since my grandmother or even mother died.
        Take care of yourself & your 4 legged friends.


        • Sharon says:

          “I asked him if he wanted to have people visit, or I could drive him somewhere to visit (he’s somewhat weak from lack of food), but he said no…

          It’s a positive that you ask that question and that he amswered it.

          You have probably been his best friend for a long, long time…you are that and more now. The perimeters of his strength will change–first one way and then another way. You have the moral and personal authority to be on that perimeter and, together with him, decide who gets to come through.

          His strength is limited and so is yours. Do not apologize to anyone for deciding how your time and strength will be used. Your priority is one another.

          Sift ALL “incoming” and choose what to use.

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          • Thank you Sharon. I never thought of it that way. I am usually very easygoing on day to day things, and I shock friends on the rare times I take an absolute stand on things I consider really important. That is what I will do now. I have to be a buffer and protect him.

            As you referred to, I am also learning I do not have the stamina and strength I had just a couple of years ago. Along with an unusual, incurable health problem I developed a year ago, it seems the older you get, the quicker you age.

            DH and I are best friends. We were surprised at the increase in divorce during the lockdown. Just before then DH became able to work from home rather than a 3 hour round trip commute, and we were very happy to be together.

            Thank you for your wise advice. I was thinking similar thoughts, but did not know how to express them. By you expressing them so clearly it really does help, and I can learn how better to express myself in future difficult situations. All my best to you.

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    • Lucille says:

      Dear G&C, I’m so sorry to have missed your post until early on the 16th. Please know I’ll be in prayer for you and your dear husband.

      There is a saying, “We may not know what the future holds but we do know Who holds the future.” Scripture tells us to present our prayers and supplications to God no matter what the issue is. It gives Him joy to have us make requests of Him.

      “The LORD is good,
      a stronghold in the day of trouble;
      he knows those who take refuge in him.”
      – Nahum 1:7

      Love and hugs from Lucille.


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