Al Qaeda Plans Plane Attacks Using “New Techniques and Tactics”

How soon it is forgotten. Measures taken to prevent another air attack are being compromised for political purposes by the Biden administration.


While the nation’s Federal Air Marshals (FAM) are busy on the Mexican border providing illegal immigrants with welfare checks, transportation, and other basic services, Al Qaeda is planning attacks in the U.S. involving planes, according to high-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources. Judicial Watch obtained from government sources a copy of the new intelligence alert, which was delivered on December 31, 2022, at 12:23:52 Greenwich Mean Time. The caption of the widely circulated warning reads: “Al-Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US, possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics.”

The threat could not come at a worse time, as the Biden administration leaves aircraft at risk by sending 150-200 FAM monthly to the southern border to help deal with what it calls “a surge in irregular migration.” The deployments will continue indefinitely, according to multiple FAM sources, and the specially trained aviation security specialists are outraged. The agency works under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which was created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack. FAM is charged with protecting commercial passenger flights by deterring and countering the risk of terrorist activity. Nevertheless, in late October, the Biden administration began deploying the highly trained law enforcement officers to busy Border Patrol sectors to help with hospital watch, transportation, security and welfare checks at migrant facilities.

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3 Responses to Al Qaeda Plans Plane Attacks Using “New Techniques and Tactics”

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Stolen elections have major consequences. Brain damaged Donks are absolutely no help! Lookin’ at you Joebama and Fetterman!

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  2. Gary says:

    On Jan 1st 2023 the administration failed to recall the Marshalls and place them back where they belong. Any and all events regarding an attack involving aircraft now rests firmly on this administrations shoulders.

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  3. Reflection says:

    Another blow to the troubled air line industry.

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