Very interesting – ex-FBI/CIA employees at Twitter

Thanks to Threadreader for the Twitter roll-up!

“Name Redacted” lists 15 employees of Twitter who are former FBI/CIA. Go to Threadreader (above link) to see the entire list.

As Name Redacted points out:


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2 Responses to Very interesting – ex-FBI/CIA employees at Twitter

  1. Stella says:

    Wonder what those external organizations were.

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    • Gary says:

      This…..<- this is my shocked face….no really!

      It's probably a good thing I'm not willing to make a spectacle of myself and die alone. But I'm tellin ya, Pop raised an American and this one is reaching critical mass.

      This system only works for people willing to achieve, it's one thing to carry as many people as the working class do, but literally subverting not just their will but the ability to express themselves is beyond words. I can only describe these agencies as rouge and in need of destruction.

      I've had a shadow of doubt stuck in the back of my head since 2012 when the steal was obvious, I always though it could be righted. I'm not so sure anymore.


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