President Trump called out “Ron DeSanctimonious”

Why did Trump do that? I think we all admire Ron DeSantis because of the job he has been doing as governor of Florida. We all also know that Trump has a reason for everything that he does, even if it isn’t always obvious.

Here it is – it came in last night’s rally when President Trump is discussing the poll numbers for potential 2024 Republican Presidential candidates:

Why sanctimonious? First, because of the cringe inducing “God” ad about Ron.

The Paul Harvey takeoff on “So God Made a Farmer” is now “God Made a Fighter”. They even found an actor with a Harvey-like voice. The takeoff is obvious. Here it is:

But why slight Ron DeSantis at all? A guy who is doing a great job as governor of Florida and has always seemed to be a Trump supporter. As he should be, because it was Trump who pushed him over the finish line in Florida.

It might be because Ron D. is now aligning with the old cocktail party Republicans like McConnell and Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy as he positions himself for a potential Presidential run in 2024.  I don’t know Ron’s motives, and I think he’s a great governor, but that’s why Trump did what he did. I think I DO know McConnell and Ryan’s motives, which is to prevent Trump from becoming President again, and to get rid of the MAGA movement just like they did to the Tea Party. It is obvious to others too. Big corporate types want business to go on as usual in D.C. The Swamp must be maintained.

Paul Ryan’s 2024 Presidential Picks:

As a reminder (to me and to you) is that Kevin McCarthy was Frank Luntz’s roomie in Washington, DC.  Frank is his long-time pal.

Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy admits he rented room from GOP pollster Frank Luntz

Trump supporters rally outside of Trump Tower after the former U.S. President Donald Trump said that FBI agents raided his Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach home, in New York City, U.S., August 9, 2022. REUTERS/David ‘Dee’ Delgado

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16 Responses to President Trump called out “Ron DeSanctimonious”

  1. Stella says:

    A few comments on YouTube “God” video:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    {sigh} I hate what McConnell and Ryan are doing. I hope DeSantis can see through it. They will just use him and then get in his way when he tries to do things if they get their way.

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  3. Menagerie says:

    Stella, thank you for writing this. Cringeworthy on that ad is the understatement. It is the biggest blunder I’ve seen DeSantis make. He should have never let that air.

    Please read the comment over at the Tree in the trash, made at 3:21 AM. I think it sums up a good alternate view, especially the last paragraph.

    Of course the establishment see DeSantis as a tool to break the MAGA crowd up. They’d be stupid not to. The great question is, will DeSantis let them. He’d be stupid not to use them in return, but that’s a very dangerous game to play. However, does he have a choice since they are choosing him as their hammer?

    I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I think that the bashing is counterproductive. I have supported President Trump from the time he first entered the ring. Like all of us, I’ve paid a price for that support, and am determined more than ever not to give in to never Trumpers.

    I even left the parish I loved, where I was baptized, confirmed, married, had my kids baptized. Because some of the more active and prominent parishioners openly let me know they didn’t want their kids “sitting in a pew with them,” them being Trump supporters the unstated message. Being the Trump supporter they were having the discussion with, I chose to find a new parish, an unexpected blessing.

    I don’t regret my support for President Trump, and I intend to vote for him. But I’m tired of the anti DeSantis rhetoric, and it repels me. It isn’t going to win over any of his people, it just stirs up the already in Trump camp people. I think it has a very serious potential to alienate more than win over.

    If President Trump does run again, then immediately I want to see some concrete plans. In addition to the now relevant and great rallying the troops stuff, firing up the base, blasting things off, I want to see him say how he’ll address the swamp creatures who took him down. How he’ll get Justice and the FBI under control. What he will do about the IRS, the oil situation, the Biden executive orders.

    Then there’s the biggest stuff. The economy mainly.

    I want less cheering and more substance, and so will the indecent, on the fence people.

    Yes, I hate that DeSantis ad. But much as I love President Trump, he sure loves attention and he never shorts on self compliments either. There is justifiable disgust at that ad, but in a measure it’s a little hypocritical to go completely crazy over it because I think, pardon me here, that Trump just might have let the ad be made about him too. Ridiculous speculation on my part, but the point is, they are throwing a hell of a lot of stones.

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    • Stella says:

      Good morning, Menagerie. You make a lot of good points. As you know, you and I have shared support for Donald Trump, and been suspicious of the DeSantis bashing. As we have discussed, I will vote for either of them if they are running in 2024, or for any other Republican (even the flawed ones), as I did for Romney – forgive me – in 2012.

      Yes, President Trump is flawed – deeply flawed in some ways. He has made many mistakes, but there is one thing that I do not doubt. He loves our country in the same way that I do, and will do what he believes to be the right thing to set things straight. As much as he loves himself, I believe that his primary reason for running is to do good for our country and his fellow countrymen. He may not be a traditional or skilled politician, as I believe most of them are, including DeSantis, but that is a primary reason why his supporters love him. Beyond all else, the politicians that have run D.C. for decades despise him, and that is almost reason enough. My hope is that, if he is elected, he will choose better advisors than he did the first time, and I think that he will.

      I think that DeSantis might do a good job as President, but I wonder if he would have any more success than Trump did, and since he is more traditional in his approach than Trump is, could he overcome resistance from those who supported him during his candidacy – people like McConnell and Ryan and McCarthy? Once you have thrown in with people, it is hard to divorce yourself from them.

      I also rather agree with Megyn Kelly that DeSantis has no chance of beating Trump in 2024, but we could both be wrong.

      I understand why Trump said what he said, even if his timing could have been better. I think he made a good start to partially correct that error last night by supporting DeSantis as Florida governor. And yes, I still think that “God” ad is a horrible mistake. I hope DeSantis sees that.

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      • Menagerie says:

        I agree with every point Stella, with one potential caveat. I think there is potential that DeSantis could learn enough from Trump that with his more traditional demeanor and same boldness of character, he could take the enemies down from the inside, or learn to beat them at their own games.

        That’s why I would just love to see him be VP. I wish that he would learn, up close, from the master. However, I don’t know if either man’s ego would allow it. And I don’t trust Ivanka and her husband to not get in the way of such a close relationship.

        President Trump needs to help mold future leaders, as many as possible. No one I’d rather see do that. No one.

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        • Menagerie says:

          I also think if Governor DeSantis chooses to run this time he would be doing it for the future. It’s very unlikely he’d win, but he would gain a lot of experience and a lot of publicity on the national and international stage, and that would help for 2028.

          And that’s another reason I don’t like the really nasty criticisms of him. I want him and possibly other good candidates to prepare themselves in every way for elections of the future, and running against President Trump is actually a good thing in my opinion.

          I know the establishment expect to use DeSantis or someone else, but that doesn’t negate the need to bring younger leaders up to scratch. Ad hominem attacks on them, especially Governor DeSantis, in these early days is counterproductive. There are people who let the internet do their thinking for them, and when they read such stuff they can’t let go of it in more realistic circumstances.

          Rally behind President Trump, but they need to understand, if there is to be a Republican president in 2028, he very likely will be running against Donald Trump in 2024.

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        • Stella says:

          You could be right about a relationship developing between the two men, and I hope that’s true. I was just remembering the awful comments that Trump made about Cruz, his wife and his father. That too was an awful blunder, I think, but the two men later patched up the rift. I think Trump even mentioned it in his speech in Latrobe, but I could be dreaming.

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        • Stella says:

          Another thought I had is that this latest Trump blunder allows a lot of people who didn’t already know about what DeSantis has been doing towards the 2024 Presidential run, and who is supporting him. That could be good for Trump and, perhaps, good for DeSantis in the long run.

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  4. Stella says:

    One thing sticks out here in this comment thread. We all have different ideas and points of view, and we are able to express them in a sane and polite way. Wish that were always true in every comment stream everywhere.

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