Tucker Carlson: What will Twitter be like post Elon Musk?

I heartily agree with this statement seen on social media:

What’s interesting is that the people complaining about @elonmusk taking over Twitter have absolutely no reason to fear censorship, bans or shadow banning. Their complaint is that other people won’t be censored. Says a lot.

I hope that the optimistic outlook for Twitter will succeed and make Elon Musk even richer than he already is. I’m already seeing people (mostly tentatively) freely expressing opinions that would have been punished just last week. And that’s a good thing.

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6 Responses to Tucker Carlson: What will Twitter be like post Elon Musk?

  1. Stella says:

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  2. Stella says:


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  3. Stella says:

    More examples:

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  4. weather257 says:

    An excellent commentary, one of Tucker’s best! Boy, is he ever discovering the truth!!

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