Seen on Twitter – ‘journalists’ taken in by fake fired Twitter employees

First, here’s the video making the Twitter rounds:

Elon’s response:

If you don’t get it (I didn’t), here’s the explanation, from The Verge:

There are plenty of problems with what these two men say to reporters. The most glaring is that one man identifies himself as a software engineer named “Rahul Ligma.” The Verge has confirmed that name does not exist in Twitter’s Slack or email system. There is also no evidence that the employee exists on LinkedIn.

“Ligma” is, of course, also an internet hoax designed to elicit the response “lick my balls” from people who are in on the joke. That didn’t stop multiple outlets, including CNBC and Bloomberg, from running headlines Friday saying that laid-off Twitter employees were leaving the building carrying boxes.

Pardon me, but I thought this was too funny to pass up!

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1 Response to Seen on Twitter – ‘journalists’ taken in by fake fired Twitter employees

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Thank you. I had no clue. I watched it three times and knew there was something I just didn’t know. And, I love that picture of Must peeping through the bird.

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