ABC News Reporter missing after FBI raid

James Gordon Meek, an ABC national security reporter, is missing since April, after an FBI raid on his apartment, during which his laptop was seized. He lived near Washington, DC.


An Emmy Award-winning ABC News journalist who broke several high-profile national security and terrorism-related stories has gone missing since the FBI reportedly seized classified information from his laptop during a raid on his Virginia home, according to published reports.

James Gordon Meek, a 52-year-old investigative reporter and producer of Hulu’s acclaimed documentary “3212 Un-redacted,” has not been seen in public since heavily armed federal agents raided his penthouse apartment in Arlington in April, according to Rolling Stone.

The magazine cited “sources familiar with the matter” as saying that federal agents found classified information on Meek’s laptop computer.

Meek’s attorney, Eugene Gorokhov, told Rolling Stone: “Mr. Meek is unaware of what allegations anonymous sources are making about his possession of classified documents.”

“If such documents exist, as claimed, this would be within the scope of his long career as an investigative journalist covering government wrongdoing,” the attorney told Rolling Stone in a statement.

It is unclear which news story prompted the federal government to set its sights on Meek, whose groundbreaking reporting on the 2017 Pentagon coverup of the deaths of US servicemen in Niger served as the basis for the Hulu documentary.

. . .

A spokesperson for Disney-owned ABC News told Rolling Stone: “He resigned very abruptly and hasn’t worked for us for months.”

Phone calls to Meek’s family went unanswered.

Meek’s last public statement was a tweet from April 27, in which he wrote one word: “Facts.”

Decoding @Mpolymer tweet:

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4 Responses to ABC News Reporter missing after FBI raid

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    As a former ic worker, I would start with the see eye aye.

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  2. weather257 says:

    One would think a person with a computer containing possibly incriminting data would be ready for a raid at any time. Might be another Julian here!

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