Tucker Carlson: This open race hate should worry you deeply

Could open race hatred lead to genocide here? Blatant racism has been unacceptable in this country for many years, but now anti-white race hatred is openly expressed on some of our cable channels – MSNBC in particular. Tucker mentions Tiffany Cross’ Cross Connection and Joy Reid’s ReidOut shows as examples.

Comcast owns MSNBC. Why do they allow this?

Everything on these shows is presented through the lens of race. They tell us every day that white people hate and oppress black people, and therefore white people should be shamed and hated.

Those of you who followed the George Zimmerman trial will remember Joy Reid and her coverage on The Grio (also once owned by MSNBC) and at the Miami Herald. Example (Grio):

A young black boy is dead, and it seems his only crime was blackness. Still, a number of people in our society are calling him a thug who deserved to die and celebrating his murderer’s acquittal. This is a wake-up call we cannot ignore.

If you want to see what The Grio is up to these days, you could read THIS:

Defining Racism and White Supremacy

I read part of it and, honestly, I thought at first that it was a parody. Like the Babylon Bee or the Onion. Apparently it is not.


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1 Response to Tucker Carlson: This open race hate should worry you deeply

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Who are the sponsors of the MSLSD racial hatred? I smell a boycott on this!


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