In full: King Charles III’s Accession ceremony

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12 Responses to In full: King Charles III’s Accession ceremony

  1. Stella says:

    My goodness! Look at all of those Prime Ministers!


  2. Stella says:

    Sometime today the Queen’s body will be moved back to Buckingham Palace. I don’t know if there will be video coverage, but I imagine that there will be.


  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you for posting/linking all of the material re these events, Stella….I appreciate being able to take it in. Regardless of what I may think or not think (about these things that I’m not really part of….) I learn so much from observing and listening.

    I was 9 years old when Elizabeth became Queen. We didn’t have television. I waited eagerly for the National Geographic issue that laid out in four color splendor all of the events of the coronation.

    It’s interesting to hear firsthand the things that are said (as in the Accession Ceremony yesterday). So much tradition and ceremony that, at some point, did rise out of the thoughts and efforts of people hundreds of years back, in some cases, making an effort to set a standard, focus on a commitment.

    The part within the Accession regarding the Church of Scotland I found very interesting. I’m not familiar with the history but surely there is something very specific that laid the groundwork for the fact that, to this day, the Church of Scotland needs/requests/and receives a separate and clear commitment on the part of the Crown to protect them. I will try to do some digging into that at some point.

    Thanks, Stella. I appreciate it and am sort of hoping you will continue to share these things through the next ten days! Well done, my friend.

    Unrelated: when my dad was in London during his WWI service, he was able to “visit the Tower and see the Queen’s Jewels. He always spoke of that with affection, and being the history buff that he was, it meant a lot to see those buildings an those things in their context. I suppose much of that has not changed much since he was there.


  4. pirapoi says:

    I’m sure my parents did watch, as it was an important event, and not that many important events were televised in 1953!

    If your parents did watch, they didn’t see it live.
    Back then film of the coronation had to be flown across the Atlantic.


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