Who really runs Washington, D.C.? | Will Cain Podcast

Very interesting discussion about the administrative state, and why it is so difficult for a President like Donald Trump to enact change. Draining the swamp will take a lot longer than four years! The administrative state began to gain power more than 100 years ago, and will resist every attempt to lessen their influence.

Will Cain’s guest is American conservative activist, CEO of American Majority, and former Speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Ned Ryun. He explains how he evolved politically from George W. Bush to Donald Trump.

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1 Response to Who really runs Washington, D.C.? | Will Cain Podcast

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Now with this we the people are getting a clearer picture of where the problem lies. In a nut shell it’s contract government. Every time you grow the government you increase the problem. Term limits always sounded so good, but in essence was just a blinder on the horse. The problem just changes flavor instead of solving the issue. It’s like I hated vanilla ice cream because it tasted so bland, but then I could flavor it with caramel or chocolate syrup to better it’s likeability, but just the same, it’s still ice cream! The problem never got solved, it morphed into another problem. We’re still gaining weight, just making it more palatable to me! It’s all about shrinking the government to start solving the issue. Wilson i thought was a good starting point of this issue. JMHO!

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