Sri Lanka riots & worldwide protests: It’ll get to a point where it cannot be ignored’ | Neil Oliver

Further to the earlier post and Tucker Carlson video. In case you haven’t seen what is going on worldwide, as a result of policies like the Green New Deal.

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2 Responses to Sri Lanka riots & worldwide protests: It’ll get to a point where it cannot be ignored’ | Neil Oliver

  1. Lucille says:

    Neil Oliver is a truth teller. Very admirable. And the host, Dan Wootton, too, of GBNews.

    The world is in this crisis because the WEF, Soros/his lackeys, and the Woke/Biden/China regime want “CHANGE” NOW instead of looking for real viable ADDITIONAL methods of propulsion as a SUPPLEMENT to petroleum. They know a solar-and-electricity-only powered society is IMPOSSIBLE. These dictatorial types likely don’t believe in their own version of “climate change.” But their goal is millions dead and the rest obedient because of fear viruses, lack of food, lack of shelter. Freedom is anathema to them. They are not interested in anything which really benefits humankind.

    These are awful human beings…sinful followers of the Father of Lies…who are doing all they can to gain ultimate power over mankind in every nation. Many of them are old and will soon be in the nether regions. But when their successors gain the upper hand and actually until that very day, they will still be using petroleum-powered airplanes, etc. because they know the value and will maintain it for themselves. Rulers of the world have privileges, doncha know. They will own land and houses and possessions. Other humans will own nothing and be brainwashed and happy…or else!

    What we are seeing has been prophesied by the ancients. It’s time for everyone to take heed.

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  2. texan59 says:

    Starvation and freezing (as in Europe this winter) will not play well with the natives. The “smart people” better stock up on security for awhile.

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