The “Jan 6” Production

Did you watch the first Jan 6 committee broadcast? Neither did I. From what I’ve heard, Nancy and her cohorts hired an NBC producer to package the “play” for prime time. It was broadcast live for two hours on every network except Fox News (I think Fox Business covered it), and we all know why.

The media is assisting the Democrat Party and other decepticons in D.C. to influence votes in the midterm elections. AND their main goal is to prevent President Donald Trump from running again in 2024. In essence, this is the 3rd attempt to impeach President Trump.

As others have said, this reminds me of something that would happen in countries like North Korea or Venezuela or Iran.

What else happened? Video was shown of events on January 6. Testimony was given by police and others about the violence perpetrated by the protesters. Yet nothing was said about the protesters who died as a result of police action, including the shooting of the unarmed young woman, Ashli Babbitt.

I am actually shocked that there are people who believe that the protesters were armed, even though the FBI said that they hadn’t arrested anyone with weapons.

On March 3, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Senate Committee on Rules and Administration held a joint hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill. The assault left five people dead and scores injured, including at least 138 Capitol and Metropolitan Police Department officers.

During the hearing, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin asked Jill Sanborn, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, “How many firearms were confiscated in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds during that day?”

“To my knowledge, we have not recovered any on that day from any other arrests at the scene at this point,” Sanborn said. “But I don’t want to speak on behalf of Metro and Capitol Police.”

Even the website can only come up with ONE person who was arrested carrying a loaded firearm.

Christopher Michael Alberts was arrested by Metropolitan Police on Jan. 6 for carrying a pistol without a license, possession of a firearm on Capital grounds and other charges. He was formally charged in U.S. District Court on Jan. 7.

They go on to list the “weapons” that were seized during arrests – all 15 of them.

According to a database compiled by NPR, of the people charged with violent offenses, including assault on police officers, 15 were armed with deadly or dangerous weapons during the riot at the Capitol.

Eight others facing civil disorder or property destruction charges also were charged with possessing weapons, according to the database.

Those weapons included baseball bats, chemical sprays, a captured police officer’s riot shield, a crowbar, fire extinguishers and a metal flagpole.

They also say that guns and ammunition were seized from 7 people at the rally for President Trump – not at the Capitol.

I’m not linking to their website, because there is obviously incorrect information there, including the claim – long ago debunked – that officer Brian Sicknick died from injuries sustained at the Capitol. Even the New York Times withdrew that false claim.

According to Newsweek, there were 120,000 protesters present on January 6. According to NPR, etc, fewer than 20 people were arrested with “weapons”, and only 8 with firearms. Does that sound like an “insurrection” to you?

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7 Responses to The “Jan 6” Production

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I have watched all kinds of footage of what was going on at the capitol that day. It is obvious that it was set up and that it was Antifa or the FIB that was urging rioting. Also, Rachel just said on FOX and FRIENDS this morning that the building could not have been stormed the way they said it was because they have to go through metal doctors, etc. to get in. Those people who did get in were ushered in by the police.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I wasn’t watching either. I watched Tucker Carlson and saw snippets of it, enough to know it was lies.

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    They keep pushing that Jan. 6th all the time. Anything about that day has zero effect for me. Now rising prices and inflation effect me all day every day 24/7. Another good reason to have no TV.

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    • Stella says:

      I didn’t watch it. What bothers me is the number of people who watched it and believed what they saw.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        That concerns me, too. I know a few who would rather suffer through what we are now than to even consider Trump being back in office even if things were good then. And, they won’t listen to anything positive and believe everything they see on the liberal news.

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  4. Stella says:

    I agree with our friend Amy (WaltzingMtilda):


  5. monroe says:

    I watched and was horrified. I can’t believe the traitors took over a city block and then wouldn’t allow police or paramedics in to help people. Then the burning of a federal building.

    ….. oh… wait a second …. That was anti fa.

    The Jan 6 folks sorta trespassed after magnetic doors were unlocked.

    Lots of hypocrisy and pearl clutching

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