So much for lowering the temperature – Biden predicts “mini revolution”

You would think that the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice would be condemned by Biden, and that he would try to calm the heat in the abortion debate. But you would be wrong! Instead, he fans the flames.


Biden predicts ‘mini revolution’ in November if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade


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2 Responses to So much for lowering the temperature – Biden predicts “mini revolution”

  1. Lucille says:

    What can one say? Biden’s always been corrupt. Now he’s corrupt and demented and the pathetic leftie Kimmel is eating it up.

    Look at this…
    “Joe Biden Jokes About Sending Political Opponents to Jail Less than 12 Hours before His FBI Raids Home of Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate for Attending Jan. 6 Rally”
    By Jim Hoft – Published June 9, 2022 at 12:00pm

    Lord, have mercy on America!

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  2. Signalling support to the brownshirts waiting in the wings…..itching to run amok as they did before in their “not-so peaceful protests”…..burning and looting, etc…..if Roe vs Wade is overturned.

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