Peter Navarro recounts his sad experience with the FBI

Peter Navarro was an advisor to President Trump, and I’m sure that is the reason for this shameful treatment. His crime? Contempt of Congress.

I’ll bet fifty percent of us feel contempt for Congress. I wonder when we will be punished?

He was arrested in a public place – the airport – handcuffed, and not allowed to make a phone call. He was taken to jail, put in leg irons and into a cell (he said that the agents were excited that it was the same cell that John Hinckley Jr. occupied after shooting President Reagan.) Leg irons for contempt of Congress?

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2 Responses to Peter Navarro recounts his sad experience with the FBI

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Yep Lefties, you’re making sure you never see the light of day again in my book as well as quite a few other Americans! I used to vote with the best candidate for position, NEVER AGAIN! I notice you now don’t advertise what Party you’re from! We see your “Dirty jobs done dirt cheap” tricks!

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  2. Massive overkill to intimidate and get a soundbyte for their gaslighting over 1/6.
    Remember what they did to Roger Stone? Overkill.

    Disgusting asshats.

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