Former news exec. reveals the government warning given to networks to air Covid propaganda

It seems that news organizations in the U.K. were pressured to broadcast exactly what the government wanted about the Covid pandemic – even threatened with loss of their broadcast licenses. They were warned not to question the official government talking points. I wonder if this happened in our country.

“Yeah,” Sharman said. “It was a warning to basically say, ‘do not question the official government line.’ Now to be fair to them, they said, you can have opposition voices on, but you must present as ‘must intervene’ if there’s any danger of harmful or misinformation.”

“So did that essentially turn presenters at the BBC, Sky News into, essentially, representatives of the government?” Wootton asked.

“I think it did,” Sharman answered. “Not just on-air talent. I think, I think that warning affected all broadcasters. Most of the major broadcasters followed it and actually it was only the one or two little smaller ones who wouldn’t have that backup power who got caught.”

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3 Responses to Former news exec. reveals the government warning given to networks to air Covid propaganda

  1. deaconmike51907 says:

    Reblogged this on Mike’s Musings and commented:
    This would not happen here where much of the mainstream media have freely decided to be useful idiots carrying the water for the Administration.

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  2. Pa Hermit says:

    Actions have consequences. So nice when you can remove those consequences and commit crimes, no? These kind of people need to meet their creator!

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    This is not really comparable to our news spokesmodels as technically the BBC (as well as CBC and others) exist at the pleasure of their gubmints, and we have the First Amendment.

    However, we already know our gubmint paid the news spokesmodels to promote only the gubmint’s side of the Covid debate, so it seems our news spokesmodels didn’t need threats, they went willingly, due more to peer pressure to be part of the “in crows,” imo.

    At any rate, they all were wrong, and happily abandoned any semblance of ethics, if they ever had any ethics at all, that is.

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