Where bluebonnets grow …

“This is the only place on Earth bluebonnets grow, and once a year they come an’ go at this old house here by the road. And when we die, we say we’ll catch some blackbird’s wing, and we will fly away to Heaven come some sweet bluebonnet spring.”

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7 Responses to Where bluebonnets grow …

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Kinda strange how only certain areas grow certain things. The Sonora Desert is the only place Saguaro Cactus grows. It takes 70 years to start to grow an arm. Thanks Stella!

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  2. czarina33 says:

    I need to go to Texas to see this in person! So many things on my bucket list,

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    I am of the same mind! I never realized what was in the Sonora Desert until my sister moved to Tucson and I saw it in person. Many wonders in Az. alone. Grand Canyon, and Painted Desert are a couple others. I’ve seen a little bit of the world in my venture to S. E. Asia 50 years ago, but that really doesn’t compare with what I saw in our 50 states! Yellowstone is picturesque and Glacier has beauty in it’s ruggedness. Alaska was breath taking! The bucket list is so yuge, I’ll never get close to what I want to see and do. Some of God’s beauty is in how simple it can be. I’ve used up quite a bit of this precious time I was granted to experience this lifetime. Unfortunately it was in a lot of trivial BS it was spent. Better late than never, I guess! Hard to believe, but my eyes were really opened with my dog! That can be a whole ‘nother chapter! I now appreciate a great deal of the simpler stuff as I see it in another light! Politics can go to Hell and stay there!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I have one more place to see………Montana.

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        It’s called “Big Sky Country” for a reason. Yellowstone on the SW border, Glacier on the northern border AND was one of the premier trout fishing areas in the world. Take a nice camera and get lots of great pics. Maybe luck into a bit of northern light show. Great western museum and tons more sights. Bozeman, Montana was the town I fell in love with! Neat rodeos if your into that stuff! By all means VISIT! I would go in a heart beat if I could!

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