U.S. troops now fighting in Syria . . .

According to news reports, U.S. ground forces have joined the fight to retake control of a prison seized by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in northeast Syria, the Pentagon said on Monday.

On Monday, the Pentagon said the U.S.-led Coalition forces had moved in armored Bradley fighting vehicles to back the SDF units.

New York Times cited a Coalition official as saying that the vehicles had been fired at and had returned fire.

“We have provided limited ground support, strategically positions to assist security in the area,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

U.S. military officials said the Bradley were being used as barricades while the SDF tightened its cordon around the prison, New York Times reported.

Yahoo News reports:

The militia, called the Syrian Democratic Forces, said on the same day that they retook of one of the prison’s three buildings and that 300 Islamic State fighters have surrendered, per The Times.

But they also said that the remaining ISIS forces have taken around 700 boys and teenagers hostage after moving into their dormitory, The Guardian reported.

Leaders of the militia reported multiple deaths and injuries among the children as the boys were caught in the crossfire, per the outlet.

Many of the children were brought to Syria when their parents moved there to join ISIS and have yet to be repatriated to their home countries. According to The Times, some of those detained are as young as 12, and the group includes 150 non-Arab foreigners.



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