Neil Oliver: Are there any leaders left worthy of the trust of decent people?

I think all of us agree with Neil about this. Is there any elected official that can be trusted? Not many. The government puts up with us, but they don’t respect us. They have forgotten that they work for us – not the reverse.

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4 Responses to Neil Oliver: Are there any leaders left worthy of the trust of decent people?

  1. tblakney says:

    I do t know the answer to who is left that can be trusted but I think we all can agree that once a well intentioned servant gets to D. C. then it’s the process of governing is the problem.
    1. Must continuously raise money because re-election is most important!!
    A. Raising money opens the door for compromise and corruption.
    2. The peer pressure to be accepted in D. C. social life is tremendous, especially for the wives of the politicians. Kids have to be in right school , must be on the right team in summer ball etc.
    3.The money raised for campaigns does not have to be paid back once a election is over. Does the term “War Chest” mean anything to people?? Of course not because people assume they spent all the money on the campaign. NOT!! That left over Money is invested and maki g money!!
    These are some of the pressures that young politicians get caught up in even though in most cases it’s what they ran against and won by speaking of needed change!!


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