Why is Emerald Robinson being punished by NewsMax and Twitter?

Emerald Robinson is/was a Washington, DC correspondent for NewsMax. What has she done that is so egregious that her employer has suspended her?

Newsmax Takes White House Correspondent Off Air After Claiming Covid-19 Vaccines Contain Demonic Trackers

and Twitter has suspended her account?

Well, it seems that Ms Robinson has been doing some investigative journalism, and she has written about something that she discovered about the Covid-19 vaccines. Then she had the audacity to report on it at substack. Here’s the [LINK]

Ms Robinson has clearly gone “off the reservation” and is reporting on something that isn’t allowed by the government or corporate media, so she must be punished.

Now, I’m not smart enough to know whether or not what she is reporting is true, or if what she is implying about the intent of the government is correct.

What I DO know is that she should be allowed to freely publish what she believes to be true, and let the rest of the world investigate what she has reported and then others can report their findings. In other words, we still have laws in our country that protect free speech and free press.

It is true that Twitter and NewsMax are private companies who have the right to deny her the right to speak on their platforms, but it is also true that it isn’t wise to exercise that “right”, and definitely not in the spirit of what we believe to be American rights and responsibilities.

Ms Robinson has apparently ignored the attempts to punish her, and continues to publish her findings on substack. See the latest [HERE].

Meanwhile, she is still present on social media, just not Twitter.

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2 Responses to Why is Emerald Robinson being punished by NewsMax and Twitter?

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Conservative chicks tend to look better than Liberal hags, no? Coincidence? There is no coincidence in this world, only synchronicity.

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  2. tblakney says:

    I don’t trust the GOP anymore and I am sad to say it!! I have to say that I saw this coming for years because several years ago we would write letters, attend rallies and town halls , and make donations to make our concerns known . Then when the issues would come up in the political ring in DC then the people who we voted for ,thinking they were on our side, would turn their backs on the issues that we had expressed beliefs about. In my case my Senator, Richard Shelby was one of the worst and would behind the scenes sell out a conservative base. Come to find out , that his wife got a job as a tenured professor at Georgetown University. I don’t know about you but the reason she got that job was to influence the husband and she did. I am not naive enough to to fall for the crap that goes on in DC because of the old back scratching that goes on. So when Emerald writes about Goldberg, Stephen Hayes , Bill Kristol, and David French selling out I just go o yeah just like a whole bunch of other so called conservatives. Everything that President Trump fought for and advocated for these,afore mentioned,conservatives had said this is what they were for but President Trump was to brash, tweets were to mean, he was crude, see Governor Coumo for crudeness, so they couldn’t agree OR go along with President Trump wth the programs that they had so diligently fought for years!! We were suckers!,


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