John Stossel: American Optimist

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to watch this new channel, and post some of their videos here.

Now we have to figure out how to eliminate a large proportion of the anti-progress and soul destroying regulations that have multiplied like fungus.

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3 Responses to John Stossel: American Optimist

  1. I was going to put this on the general thread, but maybe here is better. Sorry since it is off topic. But this is important.
    I listen to Jeff Kuhner mornings & on the web.
    Gov Sununu here in NH has become almost mentally unstable. At an Executive Committee hearing on the 13th October he had dozens of state troopers & sheriffs vans present for about 50 people allowed into what is supposed to be a public meeting. In the prior meeting someone (did not look like from our side) disrupted the meeting, so they arrested him, cancelled the meeting & put it off until 10/13. There is video of Sununu nodding & texting to direct state troopers to arrest specific members of the public that were doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. There is video of it all. One woman arrested was silently praying with her hands folded! Sununu had disagreed with her online, and not liked that she had been legally, peaceful protesting previously (NOT at an EC meeting). When Sununu said no one is losing their jobs over a vax mandate one man stood up and said (with no vulgarity or yelling) ‘that’s a lie’ because his wife who is a nurse, was losing her job the next day. He was arrested & did not resist. Our side had said before the meeting, no matter what they do, be peaceful, and let’s see what Sununu does. WELL NOW WE KNOW! I THINK 9 PEOPLE WERE ARRESTED AT THE DIRECTION OF SUNUNU. THEY WERE DOING NOTHING. ONE WOMAN ARRESTED, WHO IS IN HER 70’S, WAS PUSHED ONTO THE GROUND FACE 1ST & REPORTEDLY HAS A CONCUSSION.
    Sununu is livid the Executive Council refused his desire to sell out the sovereignty of NH by accepting Federal vax money as, according to him, all other 49 states did. You should check out your state. The strings attached are dangerous.

    For further info go to

    I urge you all to read GraniteGrok. I have no vested interest in this all volunteer website which is the largest online news site in NH. It is not just about NH.

    The only way Sununu would be elected to even dog catcher, forget about governor or US senate, is by cheating. WE NEED TO GET RID OF VOTING MACHINES & VOTE BY HAND. NH IS A SMALL STATE. THERE IS NO NEED FOR MACHINES!


  2. Thank you Stella for this positivity! I needed it.
    I love the flying taxi. I’d take it just for the fun of it! The tunnel – no freaking way! Hahaha!

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  3. czarina33 says:

    Stossel is one of the few real JOURNALISTS in the world. And he has a pleasant voice and speaking manner. He was the speaker at one of my national conventions, talking about what a bad stutter he had an a kid and adolescent, the programs and therapies he went through, and finally his success.

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