Rules for thee, but not for ME!!

Hollywood Emmy Awards:

See any masks? Anyone? I thought the elite in Hollywood are supporters of all of the mask mandates as well as the vaccine mandate. Here’s more:

I guess those rules are only for we lowly folk. Some on Twitter are speculating that the virus knows who to target (that’s us) and leaves the glitterati alone.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco:

There will always be those who make excuses for these people, but most of us are sick and tired of it. Like these union members in Canada Australia:

And this weekend in NYC:

Last week in the Netherlands:

And in Paris:

And in Switzerland:

How much longer can this go on? How soon is our next election?

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6 Responses to Rules for thee, but not for ME!!

  1. stella says:

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  2. auscitizenmom says:


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  3. Menagerie says:

    Read this just this morning and it breaks my heart. For the people in this archdiocese, and for me, because I see it coming, perhaps for all of us.

    The Mass is the center of my life and without it I will be directionless and lost. Furthermore, that isn’t grandstanding or a wild statement. It is how we as Catholics are called to order our lives and the way every well formed Catholic should feel.

    Some priests, perhaps those many who have been “cancelled” by their bishops (yes, that’s a thing, and a big one) will go underground. It won’t be a solution, it won’t even be a bandaid.

    People had better fight for their rights all over the world because look at the severity, the viciousness, the sweeping and forceful rights violations across the world. They will not ever go back from this. From here on out our right to live our lives, work, go to church, out to each, shop, enjoy entertainment, all those can never again be assumed.

    I also fear the day when my social security (not old enough to collect it yet) and medical care will make me really have to choose slow death or compliance.

    I never wanted the vaccine. I understand those who do, and I have no feelings of superiority or judgement. I am still not positive, not 100% positive, that I would not have been safer if vaccinated. I do not believe so, and I have studied the vaccines in great depth. That’s why I’ve come to believe maybe in all the chaotic information out there, maybe no one can know many things for sure.

    But I do know this. Their absolute determination to make me submit my own will hardens my will to not get vaccinated, and it sure makes me believe they are not in my best interest, not with the worldwide insanity going on.

    And I bet I’m only one of many, in that respect. No, they won’t get us all, but yes, they have and will make us suffer much.

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  4. MaryfromMarin says:

    THANK YOU for gathering all this together, stella. It certainly looks like a point of no return is fast approaching.

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